Last week, a marine came to our house to give Alex his Christmas gift. He and Alex just sat on our couch talking about video games while the rest of us ran around like crazy getting ready to have our picture taken for the church directory. I know it sounds fantastic and in many ways it is, utterly fantastic. But the part that seems as though it should be fantasy is not that Matt came over and sat on our couch with my 8 year old brother, it is that Matt is a marine. The part that should not be true is that the boy my little brother “adopted” into our family so long ago is the same strong mature man who sat on our couch last night.
For a long time we joked that 13 year-old Matt functioned on the same level as 3 year-old Alex. They were (and still are) wonderful friends. In high school Matt used to come over and spend the night; he’d play with Alex until bedtime, go to bed at with him, and then get up after Alex fell asleep and play playstation with my dad. This is the boy who, along with Abi, convinced half the high school that they were biological siblings in spite of the fact that they have different last names, complete stable families and Abi moved into the district in the 8th grade and Matt has lived here his whole life. I do not have as special a relationship with Matt as Alex or Abi, but I practically burst with fear when he was over there. And I practically burst with pride when I see him back here.I love Matt like he is my brother and when he was in Iraq, I couldn’t watch the news, or hear the word Falujah because all it did was make me worry and want to cry.
I’ve called him “Brother Boy” for so long and now that diminutive nickname doesn’t seem to fit anymore, and I don’t know what to say to him. What do you say to a person who now walks tall and sits up straight (I swear he’s grown 3 inches!) and comes to church in khaki green with medals that say “pistol marksman” and “rifle sharpshooter”? What do I have to talk about to Matt? Could he relate to what’s going on in my life: finishing classes, hunting jobs, wondering what my next big step will be. That all seems a bit trite when you consider that he was in Iraq. And what would I ask anyway? Really, I don’t want to talk about what it was like, I just don’t want to know, all I would do is worry more. Really I’m just glad that he’s back in the states and not getting shot at on a regular basis. Really, I’m proud of the man that “my marine”(as much as a marine can belong to anyone) “my brother-boy” grew into and I just wanted you all to know that.



well i'm done forever...pending receipt of my grades...i fell compelled to type...but the thing consuming my mind i dont want on the internet....too incriminating and personal...as in involving other persons who have a right not to be put online....but the bast part of the night involved a discussion of bacteriaphages (guess who was involved:) and "gee, gnome" and ami and i laughing our butts off...and Polar Express a good movie....really good....it was a good night...it's good to be home....i'm not sure how long it'll be this good...but i love it when the kids are at school and it's jsut my mom and i....i love my mom....ok...my dad is transfering files....somehow i was supposed to know this....but of course no one told me and it didnt say so anywhere ...so of course i'm slowing down the 16 hour process....so i msut stop typing nothing....and go distract myself elsewhere



I have a few more to add to my list of lasts....i have studied past curfew in Corbitt Hall, finished my last media assignment, said i would get up early to finish studying and then didnt just now officially completed my last exam ever, I did all this for the last time folks....I have a final critique, some final presentations to listen to (i already did mine), a ton of packing, checkout at 11 and drive home tomorrow morning with all my worldly posessions in my car and my dad's (yay my daddy will be here in like 5 hours!!) and then this is all over....wow.....


the end

it's all coming to an end. today's the last day of classes. I have attended my last OMS Cabinet meeting. I checked out a camera from Corbitt for the last time. I have had my last media classes. I have attended my last chapel. in an hour I'll attend my last class. I have given my last presentation. Last night I heard the Johnson Boys sing us Christmas Carols for the last time.


fun, brick walls, and set-ups for failture

i'm tired, but i had a great weekend. Friday night was roomies night out. I am a failture. I procrastinated too long and Katie ended up without a date. I am a bad person. She should hate me. I am very lucky that she doesn't! I couldnt go because i had OMS and I had to run the grille movie. the Grinch...the Jim Carrey one. I expected it to be the traditional one and since it's short I was thinking about going to meet up with everyone at Tolly-ho's and then Midnight Hockey. But once it turned out to be the Jim Carrey one I decided to just stay in and clean a bit (the carpet has gone AWOL again) and get to bed early. but then Kristens family was here this weekend. (well technically they are still in Kentucky, but I'm not gonna see them again before they leave.) I didnt know that Brian was going to show up at roomies night out, but he called me from Tolly-ho's and so I decided to go. I don't get to see Brian often enough. He's like a drug, and a highly addictive one at that. So I went and met them just as they were leaving tolly-ho's and went to the UK hockey game.
UK stinks at Hockey. two points in case. One time the guy had a clear shot on goal and pulled back swung and missed the puck totally! and then, this is my favorite, there was one point where the UK goalie fell and it ended up that two of his teammates fell and landed on top of him as Illinois scored.
Today I went to lunch at Bella with KT and the Neilsens :) sooo good and then I finished my portfolio with Stephens help. Tonight was Wilmore Old fashioned Christmas. It's a big thing in Wilmore, it's great, everyone in town comes out and Main street is blocked off and all the busineses have food and there's music and it's all small town and ideal. then we drove out to Southern Lights at the Horse Park that was nice, too. I love lights! I also love the Neilsens, I am not sure that Kristen's dad likes me. he is a hard person to read but i know her mom does and Brian told me so, he also complimented my shoes. these shoes are the best thing that has happened to me in awhile ;)
On the way back to Kresge/Aldersgate from the parking lot, KT and Brian started to wrestle over his pictures (if you read this Bri, they look very nice) and of course I couldnt just stand there and watch so I jumped in and it ended up in a bit of a silly mock football game Brian was the Eagles defense and KT was Buffalo's offense. So of course he got through her no problem ;) and headed for me, the quarterback. I ended up with my feet off the ground and then Brian lost his balance and we fell into the brick wall. I craked my elbow something fierce...everyone thought it was my head but it does hurt. It hurts less now though i really htought it might be messed up for a bit but actually now my knee hurts worse where i cracked it off his shin. life is good.
So i went up to eddyC's open apartment for a short while before the Grille movie which was to start at 1030. When i arrived in the Grille at 1025, i knew i was cutting it close but it doesnt take that long to turn on the projector and system so i was fine. except that all the publicity that went out said 10:00 ( ididnt look that close at it and all my papers from Sound Crew said 1030) So when i got here Bowsher was already starting to set it up and everyone was grumpy...GRR...so i looked bad. that makes me mad. i hate nothign worse than being set-up to fail.
but, all in all it has been a long blog entry and a good weeknd.


nice shoes...

While I was supposed to be packing to go to New York, I was a stressed mindless wreck of humanity. And that is being generous. I had a ton to get done before we left and not enough time or mental capacity to handle it all. I was reduced to communicating, if you can call it that, without any nouns at all. "Roommate, before we leave, we need to get the thing from where it fell behind the other thing so I can call the guy at the place in...in...the time zone!"
In light of this, it is not really that surprising that I forgot to pack my sneakers. I needed good walking shoes for Friday when we headed to Canada & Niagara Falls, so we went to Wal-Mart to buy some cheap sneakers. There was a scene, which I will not detail, involving me not knowing my shoe size. (a size 7, who knew?!) I eventually ended up with a really cute pair of shoes. I like them a lot.
The real meat of the story is that I got a compliment on my shoes yesterday. I should just tell you, I am bad at shoes. When it comes to shoes, I'm a total failure. (I love sandals. I'm good at sandals. In the summer, I am never at a loss for what to wear on my feet.) I say this to set up my story.
A guy I work with complimented my shoes!!! Being as bad as I am at shoes, I will always be flattered by a shoe compliment. Also, my favorite pick-up line begins (and, in polite company, ends) “Nice shoes…wanna…
So, when someone compliments my footwear, I always feel super extra good about myself, and just a bit hit on. Justin doesn’t have a clue, but he made my day yesterday. Yay for new shoes!



I am sick. i am not feeling thankful...i did have a great break though...guess what guys?! I WENT TO CANADIA!!!!!! i saw the falls (the american side of the falls is really dumb, Kristen and I kept asking KT where they were for real...the Canadian side is infinately better!) KT's family is great too, her impression of her dad is dead on and her mother is the most wonderful woman in the world and her nephews are precious....adn i met lots of others of her family...her aunt and uncle have a shufflboard court in their basement and a stage with a trap door and a curtain...and a swing....that was fun...i had real buffalo wings and discovered that i can get behind blue Cheese when it's with wings....i shall never convert the whole way though.


growing up

today i finished my OMS application minus the bible content exam and a few refernce forms i have yet to send. and i sent my resume a few places too. i'ts a bit scary. i also e-mailed the C&MA National headquarters. i'm going to call the Asst. VP of Advancement on tuesday before we leave for thanksgiving. its exciting and scary all at the same time!!
that's really all i have to say except that KT and i figured out the plot for our sitom that we're going to be.


Mc Donalds

20 minutes!! it took 20 minutes to get our food!! I can go to Applebees and get half price appetizers in 14 minutes!! So all i wanted was a sundae with both chocolate and caramel on it. And KT wanted 2 double cheeseburgers and we split a large sprite..not so tough in my opinion but what would i know. so they charged me for 2 sundaes AND then the manager was rude to me and made me pull overand park for like 15 minutes!


and on a side note, Weebles wobble but they dont fall down...they do however sponser "Who's line is it anyway?" Anyone else see a problem with this?!>!!?!?!

and even further off subject, my toe nails are pepto-bismol pink



Lost Promise
Originally uploaded by Ralph.

no one comments on my blog anymore. i am sad about this. please comment, it makes me feel loved...and for the record, my birthday is the 16th in case you wanted to send presents or flowers to try and make up for the lack of comments



Originally uploaded by wbsercessa.

I Love band. when i was home over fall break, i took five rolls of film...it was sooo fun. if you click on this picture you can see some of my favorites. i still have to get prints of my first 2 rolls, so far all i got is negatives. I'm so excited. It was so much fun to go and follow them and take pictres....i'll post the firsts 2 roll sosme time next week.



An image from the Little House on the Prarie books that has stuck with me since Elementary school, is when Ma wrote letters and so that she didnt waste paper she wrote the letter and turned it over and wrote on the back and then she turned it over again and wrote the other direction and that way she filled the page four times.
That is how I feel about my life. I have filled my schedule and my life so much that i have no breathing room. So when my computer crashes or my roomate's mom comes into town or a prof assigns last minute projects due the next class any little tiny thing doesn't go exaclty like planned, I have no room to do anything but crash into the other writing that's cluttering my page.


sigh of content

last weekend was good, i got to meet Brian and Emily (Kristen's Brother and friend) they are addictive, luckily i'll be able to get my fix at the Wilmore Old Fashioned Christmas when Brian comes back, i'm not sure of Em...i can hope though. i only go tot meethem for an evening, cause i was going to OMS headquarters for a breakaway weekend, and that was good too. OMS was good too.
Oddly enough after spending thursday night out late with Brian and Em KT & Kristen. and then all weekend with people i have started this week refreshed and i'm trying to get back in gear.
I'm in the Corbitt Lab scanning negs for my PhotoJournalism final project, hte one about the Mars Band. I think they turned out pretty well, some are a bit grainy. I'll decide which i want from here and get prints made at Wal-mart. i could have gotten prints already but i was too scared to give Wal-Mart my negs without a backup plan in case they shred them or loose them. i'm excited about this project
Also i'm working on a presentation/research paper about post-modernism and the Gospel I Think....I'm not sure, but i have time yet...i finished All Quiet on the Western Front while i was waiting for these to scan and now i'm updating my blog. Life is good, i havent been this up in awhile. i think my funk may be clearing, Praise the Lord!! It only took what 9 weeks. FINALLY!! Hopefully i dont jinx myself by writing that!
YAY only one more strip left!!!!!!!!


adressing your concerns

aparently, there is some concern about my night out with Baird. allow me to tell you that no alcohol was involved. in fact the thought is laughable baird and me and alcohol hehehehe i'm in fact laughing right now. the pna coladas were of the virgin variety, like the kind you make from a packet you can buy at walmart or something. and although it might be easier to explain the fact that i stared down a creepy guy with a gas mask in line for the haunted house if alcohol was involved, i promise there was none. ok so now you all can stop fussing over me.
and in somewhat good news, i found a cheaper place that will push my film. the only reason it's only somewhat is that it is olny open from 830-530 m-f, and i'm always in classes or work those hours.....grrrr.....
in happy news, my roomate just hugged my leg. we were jsut talking about going home (i'm going to NY) for thanksgiving and all the sudden she was hugging my leg.
We are good people, Kristen Neilson said so and she would know.



Asbury Collegian Oct. 28, 2004
Originally uploaded by wbsercessa.

yes, folks, it was for a photojournalism project, but the fact remains, a picture i took was on the front page of the Asbury Collegian Newspaper!! HA!
life is relatively good, my room is a mess and i have tons of work to do this weekend and it'll be quite expensive(though fortunately do-able) to fix the mistake i made in my ASA settings from the band pictures. The speaker at OMS was wonderful tonight, we carved punkins on wednesday and I got to watch Casablanca tonight, last night was fall fest so i wore my costume and then the ladies of Third West, whom I love immensely, and i stayed in costume to hit up half-price apetizers at Applebees. tomorrow i'll clean my room and do work all day long unles si decide to go to the Goat Roast (yes there really killing and eating a goat!) at WGM. God is so good and i could not be much more blessed without exploding.


senioritis & my weekend

my senioritis has extended into the realm of blogging. i sit and do nothing. at all. so to my "Loyal readership" if such a thing exists, I apologise.
so i want to write all about my weekend. sorry, that will be painfully long. but if you want to hear about my weekend, pina coladas in teh back of the church, band busses and near death at the hands of chainsaw weilding maniacs, read on. but if the length overwhelmes you basicly add in some good family time and that last sentence sums up my weekend.
I had so much fun. I love home. Got in well after midnight and my mommy was still up so we talked for about an hour before we got to bed. Abi's roomate Mandy was cominghome wiht her so i was in AlMeade's Top bunk. then the next morning Alex woke me up at 7 to tell me that Jake wanted me to snuggle with me. Jake is the stuffed horse Alex sleeps with every night. I accepted the offer of the horse, and rolled over. I didnt wake up for another hour and when i did it was bus time. I had my mom parked in so my car had to make the trip to the bus stop. I love my family, my mom and i spent the rest of the morning talking and jsut hanging out wht my mom we accomplished a few little things but mostly we got to jsut talk.
i showered and then it was lunch time. after lunch i went to the school for band class (i shot the band for a photojournalism project this weekend) and that was fun. i liked the new band director. and i got hit on by a freshman. i watned to say "STOP! it is illegal for me to look at you twice, and i don't even think youre cute!!
And then Friday night, i went to the football game and it was senior night and my Ami is a senior I can harldy believe it she is getting so old. I am so old!! but i got some decent pictures of the band and got ot hang oout with Ami and her Greg, and My minion was there too which happies me. so we chatted untill halftime.
after halftime i left and met up with baird and we went out which was fun. this is the part aobut the pina colodas in his church sanctuary and chainsaws and me almost dying. so in our conversations leading up to the plannign of this shindig, it came up that i had never had a pina coloda so the plan included using the AC/cigarette lighter thing he has to make pina colodas except that the fuse blew in his car so that was a no go. but fortunately his church was on the way there and he's got a key so we stopped there. so friday night found me sitting in the back of the sanctuary of Baird's Church making pina colodas. and then a haunted house. this si the chainsaw part and the part that Bry is still apologising for (Bryan get over it i'm still alive). "you see wha happened is..." we went to a haunted house and there was this one part that included chainsaws and fumes and that made my lungs sad. :) all was well though and i survived the haunted house. i'm a bit jumpy though and that seemded to provide a lot of entertainment for everyone involved, 'cept of course me! night ended by me learnig this twisty hand thing wiht glow sticks (it's only cool if it's dark and you have glowsticks) and lots of great fun was had by all:)
Saturday was a band competition day. i went and shot rehersal I got to go on top the new building!!!!!!!!! and then i traveled to WestAl on the bus. i go to talk to mommy Meuser and remember lots of good memories. and I got some good pictues and i almost hung out with my minon except thta he was doing band parenty stuff with his dad and i was running around getting pictures. Karen came to the comp and i rode back with her and we caught up some.
Sunday was Sunday school & church and My minion came over for dinner, i love that boy i'm glad he came over. in sad sunday news, the Steelers had a bye week :( i was hoping to get to see them play. such is life. but tis weekend over all life was good.
this is obscenely long. i'll stop now. good night
*i had a horrible scare in which i feared that this was all deleted it is not, praise the lord*

practical application

He's teaching her arithmetic, he said it was his mission.
He kissed her once then kissed her twice and said, "Now that's addition."
And as he added smack by smack, in silent satisfaction,
she sweetly gave the kisses back and said, "Now that's subtraction."
Then he kissed her, she kissed him, without an explanation,
they both together smiled and said, "That's multiplication."
Then dad appeared upon the scene and made a quick decision.
He kicked that kid three blocks away and said, "That's long division!"
**Dan Clark**

A poem from my past...4th grade in fact it jsut makes me happy. My alex learned it. he says it to my sisters. I was home this weekend. life is good. more later in my typically random fashion.


two rants in a row what is the world coming to?!

i hate my body. period. ok, that's a bit untrue. i actually have a pretty decent body. nice legs cute butt my hair outgrew its ratty stage years ago and i look good in glasses or contacts nice eyes. and i'm thin. that is why i hate my body. because since last winter my hips or my butt or something has grown and i cant' fit into a number of pairs of cute pants that i jsut got out of storage. that is why i hate my body. aparently, because i am thin, it's not ok for me to be sad when my faorite pair of cords with the cute studs along thehem don't fit. or when my only pair of black dress pants won't button. that is why i hate my body. becasue it's ok to make fun of my body. tha'ts why my body makes me mad. because it's ok to joke about me being anorexic. that is why my body pisses me off. because i'm thin aparently it's ok to comment on my eating habits. you know what, the problem really isnt with my body is it? the problem is with people. why is it ok to be rude to people who are thin. sometimes i am really insecure. somedays i feel scrawny. and if i joke aobut it that's me covering up. so there you go. now you know. please dont use my weight or my body shape as an easy target. i promise you i've got a bunch of other quiks and eccentricities that you can feel free to target jsut leave my appearance out of it and i wont talk aobut yours.



People piss me off. Tonight I had the room to myself, and guess where i spent my evening. THE GRILLE!!!
ok here's my story: KT is at her Sisters for the weekend and i was going to put away my summer clothes and get out my sweaters and do some reading and jsut relax get some stuff done and have me time, music up and door closed. instead i got a call at 9:40 from the Student Body VP who lived in my suite last year saying that the guy who was supposed to run the movie tonight never showed. so i ran over to at least start it for them. cause i hate to have people think poorly of the Media Services Department. SO i started it, and then used the computer in the grille to find out who was supposed to be there calle dhim he of course wasnt there, so i stayed cause someone had to be there and i Could use the money. but really i'm mad. If i hadnt gone Ashley wouldnt have had lcue who to call and the movie wouldnt have gotten shown and instead of starting 15 minutes late it woulndt have happened at all and He'd have been fired or at least IN UBER-Deep Trouble and then I called and he was less than appropraiately appreciative!
so instead of having a very relaxing productive evening, i am going to bed late and mad.


how i feel

He's Touching Me!!
He's Touching Me!!,
originally uploaded by wbsercessa.
ok, so this picture is from the trip back from Tour Du Bridge this summer. and has very little to do with anyhting going on in my life except that i feel liek i look in that picture. except that in this picture i had jsut biked almost 20 miles (and this year Uncle Ronnie seems to have forgotten the concept of downhill biking!) right now i jsut feel like i've been run over by something.
This mornign i woke up late without a voice. not a huge deal except that i was supposed to record the VO for my NewsWatch story, hard to do without a voice. But Rachel is my hero and recorded it for me. I'll stil have to record my own voice (once it comes back) for the Resume tape i have due at the end of the semester, but at least I made deadline and my story has a chance to air today.
the rest of my body seems to be catching up with my voice though. after 5,i dont have to do anythign but help tara with her scanner, and eat dinner, and then there shall be napping. i have a ton of reading and studying to do, but there shall be napping first...


getting back to normal

yeah it's been awhile, i've been the same mix of busy and procrastinationg that i've been for the past 8 years of my life, and i'm normalizing emotionally.
tonight Herman and i talked again. it was good. i missed being his friend. i'm glad we are again. i'm only a bit nervous about what this will do to my emotional state. i think i'll be ok. there were some awkward Ex moments, but mostly we were jsut us the same way we've been since HIghschool. it was a bit funny, i had an away message up it said: "What you are about to do is wrong. Of course, you will only find that out much later. For now, enjoy yourself!" So that was a bit funny, but i don't think it was wrong. I think it was good that we talked.
on a different a bit ironic note, tonight was a blind date night. Jess Tara and i all pick for each other. i got David, a really sweet guy and a good friend from OMS. generally a cheerful fun sort he was himself and I had a ton of fun, we went to Hot Moon and played scrabble and then sorry. laughed lots. we plan to make this a regular sort of thing. it's nice cause it's a group thing and it's set up so theres no romantic pressure or anyhting like that. just guys and girls hanging out. Oh, and an excelent Mango smoothie! I love Mango :)



life is really starting to get to me. i am falling apart. i thought things were looking up the other day, but it turns out i was jsut overlooking things.
Today's funk is brought to you by the letter F the number 4 out of 12 and my failture to properly load my camera (or a scary possibility: the refusal of my camera to take pictures) leadign to a blank roll of film turned in for my second Photojournalism project. I can reshoot, but i cant get the same subject matter(which makes me sad, i like the pictures i "took" and was excited to see them). besides, i have little to no time to do it. I have a cover letter due tomorrow, OMS retreat this weekend, a research paper due monday and an exam Tusday that i am not prepared at all for plus over 300 pages of reading over 100 of that for the test tuesday.
so why am i blogging you may ask. I'll tell you it's because i feel like crying and i do not like Ernst Kerchner. and if i have to look at any more of his art or biographys for this paper i am going to meet the same end he did!!!!!!! i jsut need a break, i cant afford one and i wil ahve to take homework this weekend but such is life...
i'm holding on to the fact that this is my last semester. of course, then i have to find an apartment and a job but i am choosing not to deal with that right now.
I quit.


Shawshank Redemption

I am watching the Shawshank Redemption. I have a love-hate relationship with this movie. This is the only the second time I have watched it. First time was for my Writing for media class. I was in a room full of media majors. most had already seen it. I was not ready for it. I cried and hoped no one would notice (from the first night in the prison when the fat guy got beat to death until the end when "Hope is the best thing"). I don't do violence or blood, that is where the hate comes in. When that guy got shot, I almost passed out, I was just not expecting it. at all. and I didn't sleep well for a week.
so why, you may ask, am I watching it now. becasue I do enjoy an excellent story and that's where the love comes in. the way it's shaped, crafted. the foreshadowing, the subtleties of the story line, the way the characters are developed. I wish I could do that. I want to learn how. and so I watch to see how Stephen King and Frank Darabont did it. Because I want to do that. but I want to show real people. people doing real things. people really changing their worlds



my life is crazy busy. i got a D on my History exam today. i know this because i counted and i didn't know the answers to enough questions to get any higher than a C and i know i probably missed a few that i thought i did know. I simply did not study correctly, i knew all the concepts thouroughly and very few of the names of minor players(in my book anyone who's not a king or pope is probly minor). I have a sound job this evening and after i get back from that i have 3 pages of a journal due tomorrow by 8am, a paper about my unitarian experience, and cut lines and analysis of my photo journalism project.
i am longing jsut to go to the library i dream about havign one day (that i know will never happen). absolutey lined floor to cieling with old books (no melville in the whole place) all calm and trimmed in dark wood with a fireplace and a mantle with family pictures on it in simple brass frames and old comfy leather chairs, and a globe on a stand, and a dictionary on a podium, and a roll away desk. My library has big heavy doors that shut the world out, there isnt a computer or a phone or anything like that. I would go in there, just me and an old book in a chair that is absolutely shaped to my body. There would be a fire in the fireplace and i would just sit and read and escape somewhere exotic untill all the stress knots jsut disappeared from my shoulders and i felt like facing the world again.


this picture WAS taken in athens

Stasi in Athens
Stasi in Athens,
originally uploaded by wbsercessa.
Me and my Olympic file cabinets. :)
in these cabinets are all the results and start lists from everything that happened at the olympics. not that it makes the picture any more impressive. honestly it really could have been taken in jsut about any office. I was there though. and i got to be in the IBC and i was in olympic stadium. and I was in ATHENS how great is that?!? next post will include a picture of me by some ruins to prove that i was really there.

how do i feel about the steelers

i am a steelers fan. the end. period. i am not a bandwagoner. I cheer even when they loose every game for an entire season, and i still hold out hope that "they'll win this one" i am a hardcore black and gold through and through FAN. My grandmother is the sort who throws pillows and screams at the TV and every game is on in my house during football season. It's in my genes. all the same i hate when they loose and i hate them for losing ruins my afternoon. so do i hate them? or do i love them? or does it not matter at all?


How Stasi Got To Athens

i realized that i didnt ever tell y'all how cool Jesus is and how i got to the olympics. and i want to Because it is all so col the way everything worked out. back in the spring when i found out that i was not chosen to go to greece i was a bit upse, but I decided to be positive aobut it and jsut accept that God had a differnet plan for me. and since it was his plan it was bound to be better than anyplan i could come up with. so i told god that i was up for whatever adventure he had in store for me and i would trust him that his plan was better. i was also honest wiht Him and said how i was disapointed and couldnt really imagine anthign better than Athens.
But then i got to work at camp Allegheny and toward the end of the summer i got to the point where i was talking to someone about camp and how much i learned about myslef and God and Media and the experience i got in exactly what i want to do with my life.
So then...the last break i had from camp was jsut one day long and the plan was to sleep in and then go Tandem biking with my sisters and my camp roomate Michele and our friend Bo who came home with me. but when you tell God he can take you on an adventure, he often changes the plans you make.
I woke up to the phone ringing and it was for me and it was Dr. owens and he was in Athens and said there was a job open adn would i like it. I was in 800 shades of shock and All the time Abi and Ami are goign who is it who is it who is it and what do they want and i was jsut in such shock that i couldnt even tell them who it was but anyway i told him that i would talk to my parents and think aobut it and e-mail him what i decided. and then i screamed and jumped all up and down the steps :)
so there were lots of things that God worked out. the first was me not getting the Job in the first place, cause then i wouldnt have worked at camp cause the people who got hired last semester went a week or two before and that overlapped the last 2 (busiest) weeks of camp. as it turned out, i left straight from camp to get on a plane to Athens.
and then there was the timing of the call. if he had called a day earlier or 45 minutes later i would not have been home. that was the only day i was home almost the entire month before i had to leave. if i had been at camp who knows wether he could have gotten hold of me. and even if he had, there would be almost no way that all the stuff that needed done would have gotten done as i was i left 10 days after i got the call i didn't go biking that afternon and my mom didnt do any of the errandsshe was planning on and drove me all around getting stuff that i would need like film and plane tickets and i had that day to call people who needed to be told, like Brian and
And i have the most amazing parents EVER! When i was a baby my parents gave me to God and told Him he could take me anywhere in the world He wanted to use me and they wouldnt stand in the way. That has been one of the great blessings in my life. when i called my dad at work to ask if he thought i could go his response to his little girl saying "dr. owens offered me a job in Greece!" was "GREAT when do you leave" Both my parents said youd be an idiot not to take advntage of what is so obviously a "God thing" and my MOM (amazing woman that she is) spent the week doing so much stuff paperwork and logistic-wise liek travelers checks and tax forms so that i could go. there's no way i could have done all that the last week of camp
and I already had my passport from my Chile trip Sr. year of HS,
and My minion stopped by to say hi and i got to tell him in person that i would be missing his eagle Scout Banquet
and my mom's work schedule was changed from tuesday to thursday without her being asked so it worked out that she could take me to the airport.
So God is Cool and it turns out that He did have somethign better in store for me. but that something better wasn't something else, it was something MORE. and the lessons i learned were priceless both at camp and in athens. now that i am done with both and looking back i can see how much i needed both of those experiences and how they built on each other and how incomplete my lesson would have been.


been awhile

i dont really have anyhting to say. there is nothing more annoying than blogs that have nothing to say.
i'm a tad overwhelmed with school and all. i have very little time and what time i have to actually do work, i seem to fritter away. i just feel liek i'm in a bit of a fog it's like reverse culture shock and heartbreak and a general funk all at the same time. point in case: the guys i ran sound with tonight must think i'm a total ditz without a sound clue! my head was all over the place. anywhere but hughes, but in spite of it all, i think it ended up sounding pretty darn good. and 3.5 hours of work is ussuallly a good deal. and BTW the sound closet no longer smells so much like boy cologne. it's quite sad. so that's that.
i'm going to bed. even though lately i've been having trouble falling asleep, it is kinda nice to lay in bed and totally quit for the day an hug my teddybear and snuggle under my blankets. it gets frustrating after awhile the whole laying staring at the cieling cause i normally fall asleep anywhere really quickly it's something i've been proud of for years. but oh well. i haave to start trying soon or it will be time to get up before i fall asleep(hyperbole - dont worry over me too much, it only usually takes an hour or two)



To Whom It May Concern:
I am hereby officially tendering my resignation as an adult. I have decided, I would like to accept the responsibilities of a six year old again.
I want to go to McDonald's and think that it's a four star restaurant. I want to sail sticks across a fresh mud puddle and make ripples with rocks.
I want to think M&M's are better than money, because you can eat them. I want to play kickball during recess and paint with watercolors in art.
I want to lie under a big oak and run a lemonade stand with my friends on a hot summers day.
I want to return to a time when life was simple. When all you knew were colors, addition tables and simple nursery rhymes, but that didn't bother you, because you didn't know what you didn't know and you didn't care.
When all you knew was to be happy because you didn't know all the things that should make you worried and upset.
I want to think that the world is fair. That everyone in it is honest and good.I want to believe that anything is possible. Somewhere in my youth...I matured and I learned too much.
I learned of nuclear weapons, war, prejudice, starvation and abused children. I learned of lies, unhappy marriages, suffering, illness, pain and death.
What happened to the time when we thought that everyone would live forever, because we didn't grasp the concept of death? When we thought the worst thing in the world was if someone took the jump rope from you or picked you last for kickball? I want to be oblivious to the complexity of life and be overly excited by little things once again.
I remember being naive and think that everyone was happy because I was.I would walk on the beach and only think of the sand between my toes and the prettiest seashell I could find.
I would spend my afternoons climbing trees and riding my bike. I didn't worry about time, bills or where I was going to find the money to fix my car.
I used to wonder what I was going to do or be when I grew up, not worry about what I'll do if this doesn't work out.
I want to live simple again. I don't want my day to consist of computer crashes, mountains of paperwork, depressing news, how to survive more days in the month than there is money in the bank, doctor bills, gossip, illness and loss of loved ones.
I want to believe in the power on smiles, hugs, a kind word, truth, justice, peace, dreams, imagination, mankind and making angels in the snow.
I want to be six again.


Professor Jack Rains

i know you prolly would rather see pictures of Greece and hear stores aobut how i caught taxi's after midnight but today i ran sound for a memorial service for Jack Rains. Now, i disnt know jack rains, but after sitting in his memorial service and hearing everyone talk aobut how great he was i wish i had been able to know him. He must have been an amazing man from waht i could tell full of all sorts of endearing excentricities and passion for living and Jesus. from what they said he loved people and made a difference in the lives of so many of them he was a talented musician and the music programs at two differnt colleges wouldnt be the same without him. and people traveled from California to come to his memorial service. and it made me get all reflective and stuff, i hope that people will be able to say things like that about me after i am dead. would anyone say that i made a difference in their life? could i ever even dare to hope that someone would remember my weirdnesses fondly as eccentricities? would people say that they saw Jesus in me every day? I say when people ask me what the big picture goal of my life is that i want to be used by Jesus to make a difference in the world. but really what do i do on a daily basis to work toward that goal? Pretty much i need to get my Butt in gear, cause you never know how much time there really is left here and what if i miss my chance and what if i'm so busy preparing for the future that i miss the present. i want to leave a legacy like Jack Rains minus al lthe jokes about loud sports coats and narcolepsy :)


Athens 2004

Athens 2004
Athens 2004,
originally uploaded by wbsercessa.
Look! I finally figured out how to share my pictures with youall. To see it bigger, you can just click on it. This is the lobby of the IBC, where i was "grounded" the first part of the games :) There was a whole big issue with getting me accreditated. While i was in the IBC, i worked in the information office with print distribution. that menat that i put the result and start lists for all the events out in pidgeonholes/cubbies so that the broadcasters could pick them up. also i helped distribute the news bulletins and flashes to the studios of the 180 right-holding broadcasters. this involved stapling and Xeroxing and running about. also there were times of sitting and doing nothing and faxing and other odd sorts of stuff that i learned has to all happen behind the scenes for somethign as big as the Olympics to happen.
I admit i had some attitude issues when everythign didnt work out like i planned, but looking back, i have ahard time being negative because i realize (now that i'm outside the situation) how awesome it really was, i mean, I was in ATHENS for the OLYMPICS! and the way everything worked out i know that's where God wanted me. so how can i complain?
pictures may soon appear :)


some people

so there are days where I jsut barely pull it together. I got to classes and work ontime and looked ok, but the reality is i rolled out of bed grabbed a shirt and jeans out of my closet and braided my hair instead of brushing it no time for breakfast or makeup. and the fact that the ribbon i ofund in the pocket of my pants matched my outfit was jsut a serendipity (well odds were good since a lot of blue finds it's way into my wardrobe) and i jsut barely got waht needed done. and i was teetering on the edge of an overwhelmed breakdown all day.
and then there are people who all match and everything. not a hair out of place and their hair ribbon matches their shoes that coordinate perfectly with their outfit that you know was laid out the night before and probably they're wearing matching underwear! and their makeup is all nice and fresh looking even though it's 3 int he afternoon adn even if I had put on makeup it woudl be a mess by that point int he day. and I jsut felt inferior even while I was explaining that the reason teh speakers dint work was beause the cable was plugged into the wrong place. in spite of the fact that i was the one who knew what was going on didnt do anyhtign to help me feel any more put together. sigh
I hate people liek taht
and i refuse to use the spell check button.


extrordinarily personal

i have to type this out. it will makes me feel better but if you dont want to take a painful look into my broken heart jsut stop here. in fact i might prefer that you did

so to answer the question i posed a few days ago, when you breeak up with the guy you call and cry to when you break up with guys, you cry by yourself after the lights are out. and you agonize over what to say becasue you're NOT ok. you know you will be eventaully and maybe you can go back some day to the way things were before but im not htere yet( like how i swihced persons? Dr hurlow would have a fit!) i am still trying to give myself permisison to admit that i'm hurt absolutely brokenhearted. i was thinking about this for awhile before we got the chance to talk it out and decide. it doenst seem to have made it any easier. and that i still like him but i now we cant be the way either of us deserves only makes it infinately harder. peopel jsut dont get it a lot they think since it was a mutual decision and all that i should be able to jsut turn my feelings off like i made my logical decision. that is bologna. but so far i've had my facade up and people cant tell how much i hurt so sometimes they are a bit cavalier about the whole thing but i cant hold it against them too much i mean it's my facade i put tit here, i'm keeping them from seeing how hurting my heart is.
tonight i IM'd my darling minion who in a bit of role rversal is totally happy and stable and i'm the emotional wreck. he is wonderful. let me vent then said(typed) all the heartfelt cliches i needed ot hear(read) my heart still aches but i feel better. THANK YOU Matthew.

camp allegheny hip hip hurrah

I have so much to write. to catch up any one who cares:) so i'm going back to the first thing y'all missed out on hearing about: camp allegheny.
I was the AV tech. i learned a lot about myself and God and media stuff. i learned most of it by beign thrown into it. "look, here's the video room and the sound closet here is a ring of keys good luck figuring out which is which" needless to say, camp was a bit frustrating at times, i got a lot of last minute requests and a lot of out of control moments. and i learned overall that God is in Control. God and I we fight over who' sgonna be in control. come to think of it, I do all the fighting. and God is just there, a constant on my life wating for me to ask His help with whatever it is that i'm struggling with trying to do on my own.
Camp was also very fun. I went down the water slide in my skirt after i spent an hour that morning trying to look good casue Brian was coming (why did i even try he's seen me in a band uniform there can be no impressing him. of course i jsut wanted to make him feel liek he was special. he is but not special enough to pass up the chance to go down the slip and slid ein my skirt.) and there was the Sleeping bag thing that ended with mrs. gully Ryan and I in the creek (again i was wearing a skirt and a shirt that unfortunately was better off dry) pushing a rowboat full of sleeping bags after a muddy adventure to get them from teh shed to where we parked the boat. and there was rolling down hills and greasy watermellon water polo and so much fun that i cante ven begin to describe it. there were costumes and carnivals and pirates and Lord of the Rings and worship that would blow your socks off. not jsut the music time but really living life as worship.
It was sooo cool. cmp is awesome. i love camp. I have the videos i made. if youre ever in Kresge third west feel welcome to come and watch as much as you want. Room 321

now i'm going to take a nap, i had a long first day of classes and i want some sleep before i tackle what all has to be done....hundreds of pages of reading


"home" again

so now i'm a different "home": Asbury. Yay for Asbury and my roomate (who doesnt know i am using her new laptop) and my suitemate(yay for only 3 people in a 5 person suite!!) and all the other great peopel i've gotten to see so far. i got some strange looks cause i'm moving in after the second full week of classes. oh well, i'm ok with it.
today was rough. ive never driven that far, my butt is so bruised from biking 20 miles yesterday (literally i have bruises!) oh and my spedometers broke so i had no clue how fast i was going, i decided to gage my speed off this one van, and i'm sure they thought i was crazy but they were going about the speed i was omfortable doing so i jsut kinda pretended that i was traveling with them. but i didnt almost die till i was on harrodsburg road. darn brake slammers and boy is that cat is lucky it's still alive!! so once i go there i found out that traveling south in the afternoon has the effect of sunburning my left arm funky. love it
life will get crazy here shortly. i'm gonna have to finish getting all settled in tonight and tomorrow, cause tuesday, i get thrown straight in. oh dear. that's all i have to say, oh dear. nothing is unpacked yet except my car. and i have to get a parkign permit and check in with the RD and...and..and...i'm a tad bit overwhelmed


back home

praise the lord for home! ok so i'm in mars finally for those of you who dont know i got to go to the olympics in athens after all!!! it was amazing, i'll write more about that and camp later. and i'll scan in pictures when i get the chance so that you can get to them online probably. not that they're worth much to look at but i love pictures almost as much as i love mail.
i've been online waaaay too long tying up the phoneline. updates on everythign are promised as soon as i get settled in back at school next week.
in the meantime an only partway rhetorical question for you: what do you do when you break up with the guy you always call and cry to when you break up with guys?


so it's been forever

yeah, like ofrever. I'm at camp. i never hav elong enough to write a proper entry, but tonight im'a try. camp is excelent. i love it. i love my job. i am going crazy and they tell me everyhting last minute. but it's ok. God is using it to teahc me about patiencen adn trusting Him. when i get back to school and have fast internet, and my compputer and time, i'll write more. for now, i have to use a slow public computer and there's a line. e-mail me at anastasia.havener@asbury.edu or snail mail at 140 jenkins circle, ellwood City PA
I love mail.


bilge and blunders

The other night my sister and parents and I were just hanging out in the living room talking, one of those rare moments that don’t happen too often (a bit redundant, I know) since we are away at college. **On a side note, I love my family. I love it when we just sit and talk. We laugh a lot and say things that are never ever supposed to leave whatever room we’re in** And we were talking about boys and women and so on and so on, and we got on the topic/analogy of Vikings and relationships... weird and random I know, but it’s my family, where do you think I got it from?:)...it’s a matter of confidence what the actual conversation consisted of and how we got there) but get there we did and my mom was trying to remember the words “pillage” and “plunder” you know like destroy and loot…but instead the words she came up with were “bilge” (pronounced like pillage with a B) and “blunder
bilge according to dictionary.com (i love that site!) is “water which collects in the bottom of a ship or other vessel. It is often allowed to remain till it becomes very offensive.” And a blunder is a stupid mistake caused by ignorance and confusion. We decided that although very un-vikinglike, it was a decent assessment of my dating life. That is a bit harsh I realize and not altogether serious or intended that way it was just kinda funny. I realize it was probly funnier if you were there. But if you had been there we wouldn’t have been having the conversation. We behave much better when outsiders are around. But doesn’t everybody really if you’ve got a connection with someone, things come out when it’s just you that wouldn’t with someone else, even if you have a connection with that person also. That’s a weird sentence/concept and I’m not going to try and justify/explain it. if you don’t like it, tough. If you want to explore it with me, gimme a call if you don’t have my number e-mail always makes me happy:)


not much to say, and backpacking ovens!

woke up with a spliting headache, so i rolled over and went back to bed, did this a number times, by the time my dad came up and made me get out of bed it was noon-thirty. i took some drugs and tried to gt my day started...it took the drugs forever to kick in, but i decided that i wished that i had gotten my sorry butt out of bed when i woke up the first time at 730 with the headache and taken some drugs. so all in all i did nothign today. When ami go thome from school i felt like my day had jsut started so how could she be home already!! well i didnt exactly do nothing, i folded two loads of towels and drove my broyther to get ice cream as a thank-you for his helping me wash my car the other day.
that was the only time i was out of the house and i missed a call from Brian who is spending the weekend with the boyscout troop he works with in the woods. that was sad(that i missd the call, not htat he's spending the weeknd doing stuff he loves). he called again later from, i guess, the middle of the woods and this is about all i heard... "Hi....i jsut wanted to say....horrible reception here.....talk to you sunday..... ood night" i think he heard me say goodnight and how sweet he was for calling from the woods....speaking of him in the woods, as an addition to my amazement over backpacking stoves(i'm stillnot quite over that yet..i know "simple things...")...did you know they have backpacking ovens Brian doesnt understand my amazement with this and aparently its more like a double boiler rather than the kind you could bake cookies in, but STILL...i'm amazed. i am simply not an outdoorsy type. i am not a citified priss either, I grew up on a dirt road ive been fishing and on day hikes, i own a sleeping bag, but the first time i ever slept outside in a tent that wasnt' in someones backyard was the end of my sophomore year of college! OVENS! imagine....


randomest i've been for a while

I am home...it is nice...quite nice. the end.
All sorts of exciting stuff's going down up here:
for one the weather is beautiful-> mid to high 80's...i'm in heaven.
For two, i got a car, this makes me happy. tomorrow it goes to be inspected and then i am independent. of course, i have to pay for gas it was 2.05 this morning at the 7-11...what the heck is with that!? i get a car and gas goes through the roof! the good news in a way is that once i leave for camp, the car stays here, abi drives it, pays for gas and makes the car payments for the summer months. also, my insurance is $80 cheaper than i was originally quoted, i find this out when my dad drives me to the north hills to get insured. and then today we transfered the title to my name..."what kind is it?" you ask..."white" I say with a smile, cause tha'ts abotu what i know about cars:) actually it's a 93 infiniti J30. and it is white. and the inside is tan leather. and it has a sunroof that doesnt liek to open sometimes and an analog clock. the clock makes me happy too.
for three, i got to see brian on monday, jsut a few hours after i got home that always makes me happy he came and helped me unload the car, and then we went to see my minion which was alsohappy. third and fouth to my dad and bruber(brother) those two are my favorite men in my life. I'm not sure tis correct to structure a sentence like that, but i did! so there!!
for four...(hehe that's fun to say), last night alex abi and i went to the art showcase, that was fun. i like seeing what all those artsy people are up to. it's usually...interesting:)
that's the end of my list. four was a godo place to stop, this afternoon i'm gong to paint my nails, do a bit of housework (gotta earn my keep) and call teh bank, maybe walk down to the hardware store to get a spare key made, tonight i'm gonna prolly help abi with the k-5 childrens program at the church. tomorrow night's the band concert yay for the band!! I"m such a band nerd :)
that's all, except that since i'm at home, internet time is limited, cause it ties up the phone line so I'll type offline and then get on and post so posts may be sporadic, and longer than usual to make up for that.
the end. (for real this time)


ok, so whoever was agrivating my minion, by pretending to be him, i can see the IP addresses of those who comment....and i can tell wheter or not it was him....of course it doesnt matter anymore, cause i permanantly banned you from commetning ever again...my minion is a dear sweet person, and i will not stand for him being messed with, period. Plus, you were not saying nice things, so i dotn feel bad aobut loosing your input. if you would like to apologise , you can e-mail me, and i will accept that apology, because i'm a good and forgiving person

I am not drunk

for those of you who read my away messages last night and expressed concern about my sobriety...i was not drunk las night....for those of you who didnt see my messages they were this "out with my roomate, the good news is Vodka has no carbs".....followed later that night by "we decided to skip the vodka in spite of its carblessness and went for strawberry daiquiris....I'm definately sleeping in tomorrow!"
these were not lies, i did go out with my roomate, we went to Cheddars for a cookie monster..mmmmmm.....i t was really good....and Vodka doestn have any carbs, but i wasnt drinking it anyway!....it was something KT said in response to a movie on TV...and it was funny so i put it in my away message....
we had fun....we got to Cheddars, and i decided that i hadnt had a daiquiri in years so i ordered a non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiri and there was more thn fit in the cup, so KT had a small one too....and the cookie monster was good, then we came back and cleaned/packed some till quite late at night....so i slept in this morning...there was much fun but no alcohol involved....so there...have a bit more faith in me!


but i waaant one!

I have decided i want babies, (however, i dont want to have serious conversation aobut making them in public)....there were babies on friends season finale....twins....and a duckling and chick...i'd settle for baby poultry...not forever though....my hall mom our freshman year had baby chiuauas....they are soooo cute, and all little and jsut precious.....i'd like a baby chiuaua....i wouldnt even mind a baby kitten....except that when i t grew up, i'd have to get rid of it, i'm not so much of a cat people. excepth that maybe if it was a cat that grew up with me and didnt have tooo much attitude i guess i could keep it....i guess you have that problem with kids too, except if you get a kid that had too much attitude, you really cant jsut get rid of it....
but i think it's that spring time of the year....and everyone on TV is having babies and all the diaper ad baby clothes commercials....sigh....of course i dont' have any real prospects of having a baby....a baby human at least, and for that matter, since i live in a dorm, i dont really have any chance of getting any other kind of baby. at least till december. of course i' dont know were i'll be after that.....sigh, babies could be a long way coming.....



I have already posted 3 times today and i figured i have a few minutes before it turns into tomorrow, why not go for 4.... I like the number 4 better than three anyway. Plus, i'ts may 4th....this could be a dangerous precedent to talke, what will i do on the 30th?!!! What to write about, oh i know, a list!!
things that come in 4's
~Havener Children
~4 square
~legs on a girraffe
~girls in my Suite...i love my suite
~years of highschool
~weeks in a month
~tines on a fork
~today's posts
~quarters in a dollar
~wheels on a bus
~legs on a table
~eyes on my brother (He said it)
~fingers on a hand (thumbs arent fingers they're thumbs!)
~states of matter (Can you name them all?)
~electrons in Beryllium
~Letters in the word "word"
~wings on a dragonfly
~Boys ive broken up with
~closet doors in my room
~roomates i've had
~Framed Pictures on my desk
~minutes till it's tomorrow

Movie theaters

I"m really procrastinating today.
This conversation started with my roomate saying "i'm taking a nap" and continued down a few rabit trails till we got to the subject of making out in movie theaters. (if you want the whole train of conversation ask later)
I have always been confused by people who make out in movie theaters. I dont mean just a quick (or not so quick kiss) during a dull part or an onscreen kiss, i'm talkign about full on making out as in extesnive spit swaping and all over each other. .
I know people who go to movies they dont want to see for the express purpose of making out. this is jsut wrong. I might understand going to a movie finding out it's dull and plotless and then making out for the remainder fo the movie. But planning not go and have an expensie uncomfortable makeout session is beyond me.
i jsut dont get it. You can make out for free in your car in a parking lot, why pay $14+ to make out in the theater. if you have money you want to waste, send it to me! then go make out somewhere that doesnt charge! plus dark or not, a movie theater is not exactly private, there are other people there. Maybe you get a rush from making out in front of people, but I surely dont want to see it! and anyway, how CAN that be comfortable? i mean there's an arm in between you that doesn't beling to either of you! It's the rough equivilent of making out in a car with bucket seats. this is why people end up in the back seat of cars with bucket seats. its jsut not nice making out when you can't get at the other person.
All in all, i've never done it, dont intend to and if i see you doing it i'm pulling out the water pistol i carry in my purse for jsut such purposes!

my summer schedule

in case anyone cares, i'll be the Audio/Visual intern at Camp Allegheny this summer. So i'f it has to do with sound or video, i'm the girl...it'll count for my internship too, which is good...so i have to keep a journal for it, i think i'll do that as a blog and share my crazy camp experiences......I'm SOOO excited I leave for training the 5th of June and below is the camp schedule. and the address in case you want to send me mail HINT HINT HINT HINT!!! -->255 VanGorder's Mill Rd., RD 1, Box 255, Ellwood City, PA 16117

June 17 - 22 Outdoor Adventure #1
June 24 - 29 Outdoor Adventure #2
July 2 - 7 Outdoor Adventure #3
July 10 - 16 Sr. Sports/Girl Guard
July 19 - 26 Music and Arts
Jul 28 - Aug 2 Jr. Sports/Sunbeams
August 4 - 9 Teen/O.A. #4


I do not recomend the rest of this site. If you surf the rest of this site, dont yell at me i told you so....but this toon is hilarious....the sort of thing that makes finals week a bit brighter!


finals week

It is unfortunately (and fortunately all at the same time) finals week. This means that a week from today, I'll be home yay!! but it also means i have a major lot of work to do this week before i go home....thus, the lack of posting and the increase in studying.



Someone asked me bout the url here...."cessa" like cesspool? to which i say a resounding NO also there is wonderig about the WBSER part....so here goes the explination
W = Wonderful
B = Beautiful
S = Sweet
E = Enchanting
R = Radient
This Acronym goes back to High school. "Always Wonderful and Beautiful" was how I answered when people asked how I was, (TANGENT: it was a kind of way of avoiding telling how i relly was without feeling insincere. and if someone wanted to take the time to know all they had to say was no really how are you? One of my big pet peecves is people who use how're you as a greeting rather than an honest inquiry.) Then while the band was at Disney, Sweet enchanting and radient was lifted form some princess merchandise and added to my adjectives.
Cessa is simpler to explain it's short for Princessa which is spanish for Princess. I am a princess. And i like spanish. Francisco called me Princessa while i was in CHile and I liek the way it sounds.
WBSERPrincessa is jsut too long, so i shortened it. End of long pointless story.


Embarrasing moment of the moment

I jsut fell off a chair in the computer lab. Literally hit the floor. I was tryign to sit down and got couaght on the arm of the chair which rolled out from under me. and I ended up on the floor. I am not sure that many people noticed. It wasnt a loud fall or aynthing, but i'm embarassed. I think i'ts cause i'm wearign a skirt...if i had been wearing pants i think i could have caught myslef. but i didnt. tha'ts all.

on a differnt note, yay for hte last day of classes!! even if it is raining:)



instead of reading theology, i took a break and added the comments feature to my blog. i encourage you to say hi at least once if you read this thing....im not sure anyone actually does....

the sound closet

The sound closet smells like boys. I am not imaginging this. I am also not saying that the boys on the sound crew smell bad. it's not like a boys locker room smell, it's more like when youre in an 800 class and a guy walks past jsut as you breathe in and your eyes open a bit wider and your heart beats a bit faster because he jsut showered, put on cologne and came to class...ooooh it's that sort of smell (sorry for my male readers who probly cant relate to my thing for cologne in the mornings :))
Thing is, i'm not sure WHY the sound closet smells like that. I mean there arent usually sound jobs in the mornings where they'd be in there right after they had showered. What, do they freshen up in there half way through the day? Like some sort of weird superman thing...."smelly boy ducks onto a closet halfway up te stairwell in Hughes and emerges suave, debonair, and smelling good!" Honestly, no one cares how the sound technician smells, so theres no need to freshen up before a sound job. I'm jsut confused!
I was thinking about this as i walked back from my sound job tonight and i decided i like the way the sound closet smells, it makes me happy. and i feel bad for the guys on the sound crew who probly dont get that kind of joy from the fact that the closet smells like boys. and there's only 2 girls on the crew so it seems unfair to the boys....I decided that one of these days, i'm gonna take some of my body spray up there and spritz it around. i wonder if anyone would say anything about the closet starting to smell like girls.....it's a thought that makes me smile more than the smell of the closet:)


One story after another....

There's a story behind the title, but it's ot waht i want to talk aobut. If you want to hear it, it's not all that great, but jsut ask me. My family and my Dad's ministry have always meant "one story after another..."
but today i'm using that to say that it's jsut one thing afteranother...my day so far has been 14 hours, and i still have stuff to do, i jsut need a bit of a break before i dig back in....
I got back to my room after the first 13.5 hours of my day and my sister AmiDawn left me an IM that she was feeling left out cause i dont ramable about her....sheesh...i swear this is the last time I'm giving in to pressure and taking requests...
I love my Ami...she's cute...but she's also still living at home and i'm in KY so i dont really have that much to say about her...i'm bad a t staying in touch....she wouldnt like me if i rambled about her and boys;) (love you netts)..ok there we go i call Ami a number of things....netts....that's a deviation that started wiht Niña ... spanish for little girl..."girl" is what AlMeade called her at the hight of the "baby wars" (Ami was youngest for 9 years before we got Alex) Ami hated it...i was taking Spanish at the time and translated girl into Niña....which deviated into niñetta( a diminutive form of girl like "littel girl")...shortened to netta and then to nett or netts...actulally, Amidawn is also a name she aquired relatively recently...as in in the past 6 years....up till then she was Amanda or Manda....Alex (same person as AlMeade...my family has a variety of nicknames for everyone all used interchangably) couldnt/wouldn't say Amanda so he shortened it to Ami...and we had often added her middle name Dawn ( shes named after my grandfather "Don"...that makes me laugh at her sometimes) to Amanda or Manda Pre-Alex....so it was jsut a matter of time till we picked up Ami andadded dawn...she now uses it regularly....
nicknames are funny htings...Abi's roomate Rachel was home with her at Easter and asked aobut that, she had heard me called stazi tayma tay grace Gracia ... and Abi called BAZ and A-B-I ( like the letters spelled out rahter than as a word) and we call Alex Xander-man AlMeade, meaderman....ect...the list goes on....
the psychology of naming is really interesting actually..i love the meaning of names...maybe cause mine has such a good meaning (Resurection graceful, keeper of the safe place)...but when you shorten someones name youre kind of taking something tha'ts theirs and making it yours and giving it back...i'ts a kind of ownership sort of...a sense of belonging...a level of comfort........
SO there Amidawn...you got mentioned....and i wasted a bit of time, Now i must get to work....Finals next week and stuff that must be done this week:)


A look into how i'm feeling

The Warrior is a Child
Words and music by Twila Paris

Lately I've been winning battles left and right
But even winners can get wounded in the fight
People say that I'm amazing, strong beyond my years
But they don't see inside of me, I'm hiding all the tears

They don't know that I go running home when I fall down
They don't know who picks me up when no one is around
I drop my sword and cry for just a while
Deep inside this armor - the warrior is a child.

Unafraid because His armor is the best
But even soldiers need a quiet place to rest.
People say that I'm amazing - never face retreat
But they don't see the enemies that lay me at His feet.

They don't know that I go running home when I fall down
They don't know who picks me up when no one is around
I drop my sword and look up for a smile
'Cause deep inside this armor...

Deep inside this armor...
Deep inside this armor...
The warrior is a child.

And i am feeling very childlike, but i'm also leaning on some amazing strength, this week is goign to kick my butt, but for it to totally beat me down, i know it would have to be bigger than God and He's the one i'm leaning on...

PeeweeAlleg05: that is a powerful song but it also implies strength in the weakness itself which it describes. Those that pick you up when you fall down, that is your family, your friends, me, God. And you have that-- that makes you very strong. “But they don’t see the enemies that lay me at His feet” and you know what that’s true, very true. Others cant know all your enemies. Even those who know someone best like your family or close friends or me cant know what its like or how it feels but... you can always go to Him and He will be there when you need to lay at His feet.


words (lots of links in this post)

I think if i have a favorite website, it has to be dictionary.com I mean i waste a lot of time playing pass the pigs but for convenience, utility and entertainment value, dictionary.com has to be the best.
convenience and usefuleness i dont imagine you have much trouble believing, but entertaining? yes, entertaining! Sometimes i use it to look up a word or spelling for a paper or something, i imagine that's where normal dictionary usage ends, but i like to take it a step further, looking into obscure or outdated meanings, this adds a bit of zest to my life and that's where the entertaining comes in.
when i have the most fun is when i am talking to Brian, and one of us or the other doenst recognize a word the other one uses. this happens for a variety of reasons first being that we are both always crazy busy and so we mostly IM late at night so our brains have shut down already, another reason is that he is a scientist and i'm a communicator (not that scientists dont communicate but that's just not his field of interest) so we pull words from toatally different lexicons. (see there, that word came naturally to me, but most people will have to look it up, sorry i've provided a link to make it easier....) also another reason is that i'm a reader so i have a rediculously large vocabulary. becasue of this last reason, sometime brian will ask me the meaning of a word he has run across in his day and wether or not i know it i usually look it up to double check myslef, (i dont like misdefining a word, but i feel realllly bad doing that to someone else! and then he will sometimes look it up i dont know why he asks in the fisrt place sometimes, but i dont mind) at this point I will then make a joke aobut feeling used and the conversation continues, he'll look up a word and i'll look up a word, and much fun ensues.
lest you think that we are huge nerds (well we are, but not as much as this makes it look, actually hes a bigger nerd than me but I'm pretty sure that's tied to the scientist thing) a normal conversation continues while we are looking up other words, like i said earlier Dictionary.com makes my life zestier!!


I'm lovin' it

Spring is here, the time of greener grass blossoming trees beautiful flowers new life and renewd allergies, and even though this weekend it has also brought incessant rain and dead worms all over the sidwalks, i'm not totally against it (just partly, its definately not my favorite season) but anyway, what else spring has brought is less clothes and more public manifestations of romantic affection. the title is a bit of sarcasm for you. I was talking to some guy friends last night abou the clothes or lack thereof that girls are wearign or not as the case may be...and it's a big deal to them...and that upsets me, consious or not girls who dress like that are beckoning more than warmer weather...and from what i can tell, couples are getting more talented...i'm good, but i dont think i can french kiss and walk at the same time...i wonder how long they had to practice THAT:)


I am mad at boys. I am mad at boys who treat girls like they're incompetent and unworthy of civility and patronize them just cause they're little and female. Last night i was setting up multimedia for a sound job. which i didnt actually do anyhting because the band actually had a really neat setup. "So, good" you say "you get to sit in the sound booth, do nohing, chat with matthew and get paid for it" yes that wasnt so bad. except that the guy who was running their multimedia stuff treated me liek an idiot. I know that this is not jsut in my head cause he talked to the guys there totaly differently. but ti makes me wonder do i carry myself insecurely, cause for the most part im very secure in who i am and confident in my abilities. but if im not projecting that then i guess i cant be mad at boys. but i hate to think that it's my fault that im gettign treated the way i cant stand to be. I cant stand to bepatronized and treated liek im incompetent and....and...GRRRR



Sometimes, people dont know what to do with me. I don t think i'm that hard to get, but aparently i jsut come across to strongly random for some people. and im not sure why. my roomate ( i love her) says its because i give off this aura of petite, prim, and proper and then bust out something totally random and/or bizarre. this is true. the random part at least i can be very random, this goes way back "do camels lay their ears back when they're angry?" that was a great moment of randomness Em, me and the Risjan Boys...in a van on the way to the mall...sigh i miss those days
i am goin to bed i really dont ahve anyhting worth saying


totally random stuff that i want to say

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!!! my minion turns 18 tomorrow...i'm so old
my perspectives exam got lost...this makes me sad...i have to get and take anew on ethis week...like i need to add stuff to this week....ees crazy....it looks calm in thoery but hten you count the actaul free time you have and its all an illusion:) i'll be ok.
turned in our Media Min project tonight....yay for htat being done...i'm pleased with it...mostly....but im VERY pelased that it's done!!!!!
Ichthus is this weekend:) im excited....i work video crew friday night till its over and then again saturday morning...and i wasnt going to go thursday, i can use the time to do somew ork, but swithcfoot and reliant K will be thursday night...sigh...so i HAVE to go....i am exicted aobut switchfoot, and i want to see reliant K to spite my sister...shges a HUGE fan...hehe i jsut like to say "hahaha i go tto see them and YoOoOU didnt!!!" im such a mean big sister....i love all my little siblings....beign the oldest is great in a number of ways....and so rotten in others....
i like stale peeps....you know the marshmallow chickies that you get in easter baskets. i like them stale the staler the better....i am currently munching on ones from easter 2003...sooooo good
my roomate is wonderful....she brings me "mostly still warm pizza"...shes cute and twitterpated and she yells "I jsut want to say 'KISS ME NOW!!'"....she tells me im funny and that makes me smiley....becasue i know she is the funny one
my butt has shrunk no one is happy aobut this....some say they'd like that problem or i ocould have some of theirs...my minion says "Stasi, this is not good, if your butt shrunk you would have nothing upon which to sit"....my boyfrind yells at me, "well, maybe if youd stop 'Forgetting' to eat..." (i realy just forget, its not on purpose!) i discovered this unfortunate fact by startign to wear my summer stuff agian(its been beautifull down here, except the rain today) and saying things like hmm this skirt was higher last summer...and gee these pants fit differently somehow....oh well.....i am either going to read for theology class, i'm behind a lot, and i need a good excuse to lay in the hammock....or maybe i'll jsut go to bed....one or the other....you e-mail me your guesses and i'll e-mail you back and tell you if youre right....the link to e-mail me is right over there ---->


a quick thought before i get back to working

"I need to start by acknowledging that correct punctuation, spelling, capitalizing and grammar are not e-cool. Deal, OK...and also my favorite written tool is...ellipses!"
Cathy Barker is a Wise Woman:)

And on a bit of a rant, i checked to see where the quarters i used to wash my jeans were minted...this is Brian's fault....also his fault, i have more knowledge about virus capsids than is healthy for any normal media Comm major....THIS BOY IS RUINING ME!!!


wasting time :)

20 minutes left at work...lets see i could veg out and write in my blog which hasnt been updated in a few days or i could read some of the 100+ pages of Mass Comm, theology, and missions that i have due in the next weeks before school is over...hmmmm....considering i will go straight from work to dinner straight from dinner to OMS Fellowship and then hang out htere for a bit with the new cabinet members (yay for OMS & Cabinet!) and then go straight from there to edit my video project for Media Min. all night and well into tomorrow, and sleep will be cat naps on the Corbitt lobby couches while Queue edits or stuff renders....and tomorrow will be spent catching up on homework sleep and paperwork to turn in with this video project, i think i'll take a 20 minute brain rest....and catch up on my life every one who reads my blog....:)...it turns out people actually read my blog...who'da thought?!
really though ever since i go tback from Easter, ive not done much but work (classes homework and my jobs fall under this category) and procrastinate...i have discovered that more and more, procrastination takes all teh fun out of my life...because i have to pretend that im doing the work even when i'm trying to avoid it and if im not pretending to do the work, i cant jsut veg, i have to do something else...usually something that i procrastinated and avoided doing earlier....
but there's only 10 more days of classes...this brings me joy......except that it scares the bejezzes out of me on account of the stuff that i have yet to finish AHHHHHH *runs screaming form the room*
I finished my mass comm paer last night...origianlly it was due wednesday, and i forgot that it had been moved so there was stress in our room at 1230 tuesday night, as i ried to find a resarch article abotu mass media but then, i actually looked at the sylabus and saw the glorious circle and arrow pointing to friday....so i went to bed...wednesday i picekd th article and read it, and at 1115 last night, i started to actually write the paper....4 hours, 2/3 a can of pringles, and 1/2 a quart of lemonade later, it was done and i went to bed....got 4 hours of sleep a shower (I look soo good today) and came to the library to print it off of course ihad messed up mailing it to myself so i had to call KT about 8 minutes before class started and have her e-mail it again...oye!....but all was well....
Today is a glorious day in KY....I am wearing a tank top and sandals and capri pants....and i havent been cold all day!!! for those of you who know me, you know this is amazing....for those of you who dont, ask someone who does and they'll tell you this is more than my normal ammount of amazing!! Ihad time earlier where i had scheduled to do some reading but i didnt have to be anywhere specific so i laid on my stomach out on the green in the sun....aaaah it was wonderfull....its' going to be beautifull all weekend....but it's goign to thunderstorm on monday....i really dislike spring....except on days like today when it masquerades as summer...i love summer....i love sun and tanktops....and i cant wait for school to be over....i'll get to go home and see all the people who matter most to me....and then i have an exciting summer job lined up too, but i'm otu of time to tell you all about that.....who knows when i'll have time to sit down ever again......



blogging certainly comes with it's share of pressures...like everyone and their brothers cat want mentioned....and in a positive light at that...sheesh....first it was my minion, then my boyfriend, and now baird...and he was already mentioned once...getting selfish here....a person cant write what they think the way they want...why arent i mentioned...why am i mentioned after the people on the bus...why is your blog full of typos....Where's MY water Buffalo, why dont I have a water buffalo...and Am i prepared to deal with that? I dont think so!!
but anyway... in an effort to keep the peace, here's a plug for my friend Bryan Baird:
DJ Grasshoppa
For Parties, Weddings, Whatever...
THat's that....
I had a great Easter Weekend, the sad thing being that i didnt get to go to the Sunrise service....VERY sad...i havent not been at the sunrise servie since i was FIVE!!!
and now i must stop and go tolunch wiht my roomate...i love my roomate


you know what i love about this....the way when i go to the blogger homepage it says welcome back princess...i like to be called princess...makes me feel special....i am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life...like my rooamte...she makes me smile..yesterday we wore the same shirt...not on purpose, i got up and went to a video shoot and she slept in and we saw each other as i was leaving the cafe and she was going to lunch...and we matched...hadnt seen each other all morning..htat was fun....i love my roomate, she reads this, thats not why im writing this thouigh....she commetned on my typos last night. Is it really that bad? I meani could go back and fix them, but that takes away fromt he spontenaity of my writing.....lemm know what you think..no really i want to hear what you think aobut this topic, the link to my e-mail is off to the right...jstu click and tell me what you think


in case you care

jsut for the record.....that last entry=1,403 words

back at School:)

my brian read my last entry and was feeling bad because i wrote all that and didnt mention him once...geees youd think i went up there to spend time with HIM...the egos on some people (that's sarcasm for those of you who couldnt tell) I jsut had so much to tell from my trip that i didnt get to the part where i got to the bus station in Pittsburgh and looked and looked but there was no one there i knew...sadness...i had hoped he'd be rght there...but i only sat for a few minutes before i looked down the station and saw the exact person i was watiing for...and it brought me great joy cause he gives some of the best welcome back hugs...the kind with my feet off the ground and spinning...mmmmmmm:)...big smiles at even the memory...
and right away (as in in the bus station) i met John and Kim, who drove brian down to get me...very nice people..hung out with them a lot the weekend...I even shared slow dance with them the three of us for a bit....but of course im out of chronological order again...
the next relevent thing is the fun we had getting out of the parking garage....the security guard had to help..there were issues with credit cards and lack of attendants...but all was well....and i fell asleep on the way up to Allegheny....i couldnt sleep on the bus...at all....i was sooo excited...i read some..i did doze the last hour...but that wasmoslty becasue i knew itwould make the time go faster and i was getting impatient... :) it was ok though because brian did manage to wake me up and didnt have to carry me in....
all was well thoguh cause i got to sleep in friday but Brian had to go to classes...2 tests....poor boy i had him out late and then he had to go to classes and take tests....while i got to sleep in...i didnt sleep in tooo far though i got up and ddi some reading a litlle.....a very little...
then after brian got badk from class, we went to lunch and i met obscene ammounts of people...i dont remember half of them...and then ...then...hmmm lost track of my days here....
anyway friday afternoon ivolved a trip to the formal shop taht was having a closing down and seleing everythign quite cheap...and there was nap time too....College kids are so like preschoolers on some ways...naps is one of them...and then after naps...yay for naps...
btw...oreos and roomates are wonderful...and so is orange juice...but together they're not so hot:) ok end of tangent...
after naps we went and saw a dance thing....ARD...i think that's the letters....everything at taht school has letters...and they jsut talk aobut things by those letters...i dont quite have all of them mastered...but at any rate...after the dance thing wew went out to eat and then back to bed...the restaurant had REALLY good bread...and i finished all my food...yay for me...if i was 5 i'd get a star on my chart...yup, i had a star chart for finsihing a meal when i was little...took me forever to fill up too.....
back from that tangent.....so that was friday....but the best part of friday, you know that it was?....it wa sspending all the day of it with Brian....well not the all day...he had to take those test in the mornging...but anyway....
slept in saturday too....i dont remember when i go tup...wait i do it was around 11ish...again i spent the first part of my day alone...because of errand the boys had to run and the aforementioned initiation thinggy..which aparently went well and there are now i believe 11 new Delt brothers....right...or something like that
but then after we jsut hung oout in brians room and waited till it was time to get ready for formal...we looked at pictures from Europe...and talked to my dad...who ddint know where i was(thanks Ami)...OYE but that's too much of a story to type out...if you want to know really jsut ask me....and i did my haier up all pretty and brian got to get back at me for all the making fun of him that i did while he was tying and re-tying his tie (like 800 times) before the initiation thinggy while i re-started my hair at least 10 times....
but it all got done and i looked wonderful and Kim was beautiful...and my boy had a fun color changing shirt....and everything worked out well..i did ok at the formal....i couldnt be in the bar for long times ecause i couldnt beeathe cause of all teh smoke....i used to be able to not have a problem with that while i was working at the gas station....im not sure if im glad or sad that i cant handle it anymore...this weeken it was a bit sad cause i spent some time out in the dining area feelig a bit out of place cause oi didt really know anyone...i talked to a few people...i think they jsut felt bad that i was standing aorund like a looser...but they were nice people....
*tangent*KT and i wish we could live in Johnson....the boys have nicer rooms over there....and they all get their own sink in their rooms and we Like John Morley...*end tangent*
and then of course i left my purse at the place becasue im dumb....and Brian had to go back and get it for me....honestly that boy's so sweet he's likely to give me cavities!....
and out of chronological order again i near froze to death....it takes me forever to get warmed up sometimes...i had jsut waned up from waiting for the busse s when we had to go back outside....on the way back i did walk barefeet....cause my shoes were not conducive to walking back from the bus....and there was nothing really to them except cuteness to keep my feet warm anyway...i love barefoot!!.....
I love my roomate "there's an O in logistics?! wait spell that again i got lost at the O"
WOW this is really long....u are all really dedicated to have read this much....i feel special....ill make the rest of the weekend short...cause theres not too much left anyway...i had breathign issues saturday night after formal...but i'm ok...and then Sunday got up showereed finished packing and drove to Pittsburgh..there were INCHES of snow at Allegheny....wow!....lake effect stuff i love snow...i really love snow....we dont get enough down here.....
i got a bus seat to myself on the way to Colombus, and then rode with some guy from Lexington the rest of the way....we didnt exchange names, but we did chat a bit..jsut trivial stuff....from Colombus to Cinccinatti there was this scary guy in front of us...with really loud music in his headphones...and he ws crazy, but i didt realize that untill i tapped his houlder to ask him to turn down his music (quite respectfully) and he flipped out on me and almost made me cry....my seatmate and i decided we felt bad for Cincinnatti tcause th'ts where he was headed....but otherwise the bus ride was uneventful...and i got to Lexington, my rooamte was there and i got my suitcase from under the bus and we came back to school...
and life is good....today was of course long, mondays always are....tomorrow we start shooting my Media Min final project and i have to develop my film...
but that's the end of m weekend...i like that boy sooooo much...i miss him already....it really jsut whet my appetite, seeing him this weekend...spending almost all my time with him....i dont get to do that with Brian casue he's always hours away :(...but i'll survive he's worth it :) ....on the topic of being hours away from brian he got an internship in MD this summer....jsut when im gonna be in PA too...but its excting cause ti's a biiiig deal and im really excited for him..and he'll actually be pretty much jsut as close as he would have been if he was at School this summer like was another plan that now isnt happening...i looked it up on Mapquest casue im a big sap who's totally addicted to him...it's 90 minutes longer now...but that's not soooo bad i guess....ok that's the end of this super long entry....and im going to do some work and go to bed.....
and jsut for the record the bible does not say "what goes around comes around" no matter what 50cent says....


@ Allegheny

I'm using Herman's computer right now...and there are boys running aroung getting ready for some ceremony or other...all I know is they're all dressed up nice...and im not really allowed to know what's going on...some fraternity initiation thing or another...whatever....all this makes little to no sense to me really, but wahtever...i htink im startign to understand why this is so important to brian though...and my it cant be put into words
it's definitely interesting being in a boys house...boys are so weird...that's all there is to it....
really I am having a wonderful time..i was nervous about meeting strange new people...and i have, but i'm ok with it so far...as long as noone really expects me to remember their names, it's not really fair, everyone i meet only has to know one name, and i have lost track of how many people i have met...
I left Kentucky thursday at 4..wellt hat's when my bus left, i left school at 230ish..and tha'ts the begining of my journey...i really should tell stories in chronological order...but what's the fun in that? huh?...none. That's what's the fun in that! At any rate...9 hours later i was in Pittsburgh...I love coming into Pittsburgh from the south, through the tunnel...and it' was night and all the sudden there's the city, all lit up and spread out in front of you jsut the way it should be...cause the tunnels come out of a hill overlooking the city...that's what i love about Pittsburgh, it's situated jstu right in the valley so that you can go up and see the whole thing all spread out....breathtaking really...i gsped when we came out of the tunnel, i had forgotten how beautiful it really was....i havent come into pittsburgh proper from the south in quite some time...
i met all sorts of fun people on the bus too....from Lexington i rode with Linda...she was a PK too...that was nice...then i switched busses and rode next to gina...she was nce but by that time it was 1030 so she slept the mjority of the way, i got lots of reading done....yay for me...which i ned to do some more of..i need to take a typing break and do osme reading..i'll finish my story later


my today

nothing that i feel like writing about......that's all
last night, before my favorite boy called me, i had typed most of a really good entry updating the past few days...since i havent in awhile, and jut as i was about to finish up brian called and so i talked to him and ddindnt finish writing till about an hour or so later when i typed the last line and hit post....and Josie (my computer) tels me "canot find page"....so that great entry all aobut the second half of my week and whatnot is floating out there soewhere on the internet or stuck somewhere in Josies vast gigs of ram....oh well...i have 10 minutes before were leaving for church so lets see what i can retype in that time...
Last night was Jr/Sr...it was a good time, no dancing *gasp* of course but the dinner was good some chicken stuff with apple in the middle....VERY good....and dessert OH MY GOODNESS i may melt.....raspberry chocolate silky pie....soo rich i couldnt finish it...i came close though:) and it was fun to see everyone all dressed up...it was fun to dress up...wore my prom dress and did my hair up in a french twist with Sticks....and TONS AND TONS of hairspray and other styling gunk! I went with Tara...which was also lots of fun...no pressure to behave no boys to ompress, jsut the two of us being beautiful...
we went thursday to get her a dress, (despite the fact that she had FIVE hanging in her room:) what can i say girls arent always logical....but wait it gets worse:) we found the dress she got at the first place we went, but didnt buy it, what if there was something better at the mall?! so we went to the mall and walked it's full length almost 3 full times, and then she went back to the first store friday afternoon and got the first dress....
i got a dress too, i didnt need a dress, i really jsut needed shoes, (and a light bulb) but the dress was sooo cute andit was only $9.75....and cute...and strapless....i've never owned anyhting strapless before....ive tried stuff on before but ti always etierh totally flattesn me out....not like threes lots to flatten, or it would fall off....but this dress fits....