roller coaster

I love roller coasters. It is stretching to get on them: knowing that I'm about to be scared to death but trusting that the engineers did their job and I will get back off (in one piece). I always keep one eye on the chicken ramp until the moment that I get strapped in. I love to scream. I am the one who burst your eardrums last summer. I do not put my hands in the air. I hold on 'til my knuckles are white. But when the ride stops I feel like I won something.

If you guessed that there was a non-theme-park related reason that i am blogging about roller coasters in February, you win!
Getting on the Steel Phantom or the Thunderbolt is one thing. Living a roller coaster is another--and I'm tired of it, worn out by it. I'm strapped in, committed. The chicken ramp is not an option anymore. I'm holding on for dear life. But i'm getting tired of the ups and downs I wish that I could count on staying right side up for awhile, I want my feet on solid ground again. Preferably Slovak ground.