I spelled that right the first time.

I have this song from white Christmas in my head. Never mind that i do not like this song. Never mind that we skip this song every time we watch the movie. Never mind that it is a beautiful day in September, and i am not dreaming of snow. Somehow, I can do the entire annoying snooty voiced intro and can hum all the annoying bridges.

I have decided to share the misery. Don't blame me, Ami started it I have merely one upped her by linking to the entire vicious thing. I shudder to think what Abi will come up with.....



now another on location post form the library in jefferson ohio!

this is where the photo of the library that looks like a library would go if i was not lazy

My in-laws do not have high speed internet (28 Kb/sec is normal) so I'm spendign this afternoon at the library. Hopefully micah comes to pick me up before 8 tonight. We do not have cell phones yet.

We arrived in New York without any incident besides a 3 hour flight delay. We decided that having New York City as your rentry point to US culture was (for us) a little like diving directly into the deep end. In NYC we visited with Jimmy & Abi and CLAIRE MARIE, ate at a cuban restaurant, visited the empire State building, and played (a lot of) rock band on the XBox. We also got lost in what we think was the Bronx on our way out of the city. It was a good time.

Sunday we drove to Ohio and the past few days have been a bit more our speed. Monday we went to the Amish Salvage grocery store, a consignment shop located behind someone's house in a barn, the Middlefield Library (an amazing establishment - it had a fireplace and "adult DVD's" i think they just meant that they were not animated, but the sign made me laugh), and a cheese store (nothing like Grandpa's Cheese barn, but disappointing only in that they were not making cheese behind the big window when we were there). Tuesday I made chocolate granola, read some and wrote our update letter. Micah helped Ben clean out an apartment full of mold and other disgusting things. Tuesday night I drove in a dump truck (but did not get to see the back go up) to Dinner at Meghan & Judah's apartment.

Let me be CLEAR, i'm not judging either of those places. I enjoyed myself immensely in New York (except when we were lost on our way out.) I love my sister and Jimmy and Calire. Skipping everyone at the Empire State building was great and I fouind out that I like cuban food (fried Plantains!!) I also got a huge kick out of the Library, the fact that the Amish sell Salvaged groceries, and my ride in a Dump Truck.

I'm Just saying.

PS Judah just came to pick me up on his way home from work. Micah called and asked if he could stop at the library on his way home. Judah thought Micah wanted a car repair manual or something. Micah thought He "might have left Stasi at the library"


look, a post

from the airport in Hungary. I am not ambitious enough to take and post a picture of the airport in hungary. you will be ok with that right? I'll just describe it, it looks like...an airport

this is where the photo would be if i was ambitious :)

We have almost 3 hours of flight delays and free wireless internet. we ate the sandwiches that Miro packed for us. I ate my pickles and micah's too. we bid on a camera on e-bay and called new york on Skype. the airline gave us bottled water and a sandwich. we hope this was not in lieu of our promised inflight meal.

Every time that i typed "airport" in this post, i had to go back and add the r. anyone want to make up a definition of an "airpot"? :)

see most of you soon.


a bit more adventure

Life got a bit more interesting.

My camera is Kaput. I would take a picture of the broken shutter. Except that it makes me want to cry when I look at it. also it is difficult to take a good photo of the inside of your good camera. I have not tried. i have a mental block.

there are some complications with our temp stay permit. There are a few options at this point. one involves going back to the states for, oh, about 3 months. Marian summed it up just about right " the process has taken forever." It is just the way bureaucracy works in Slovakia with papers" We're working on figuring that out.

Our flight we bought for the wedding is highly restricted i.e not transferable refundable or changeable.... so basicaly if we come home now for bureaucracy reasons, we are out $1600. which is a pretty good price for two round trip tickets. we thought we were doing so well and getting them in advance and for a good price.

I have a vicious combination of cold/allergy/flu symptoms. I am trying to avoid the urge to take asprin, benedryl and DayQuil all at the same time.

so anyway, pray for us. things will go ok. God is in control of this adventure.