a new chapter

And Time marches on, Time Marches on
The south moves north, the north moves south
A star is born, a star burns out
The only thing that stays the same
Is everything changes, Everything changes


tonight i had dinner with herman. a wonderful time. i dressed up, (thanks mom and Abi, the back pants were the right decision)and i looked good. wore my new red coat! dinner was wonderful i had chicken roma and Herman had a wonderful ensemble of Salmon Goat Cheese and Salad. there was an 80 year old lady with a tiara (i had a moment of envy) and lots of peopel takign pictures. I feel like i should jsut say that i have not slept since 900 friday morning and it is 1130 saturday night. i was in rare form at dinner, nothing got past me and i made up for not seeing Herman to pick on him in rather short order. then we talked for like ever about where we were headed and what we wanted and other random and deep things that you can honly talk about with a good friend. i feel like after 7 years of friendship, i got a deeper look tonight. the great thign about Herman is that we are friends first. through all the stuff and changes and junk, we're still frends. he's one of my best and in the group of guys that is second to my brother and dad. a long time ago he said to me "this cant change our friendship" and somehow it never has. once he sadi that i would have no clue where he was when we were 35 unless we were sleeping together. i am determined to prove him wrong. so as we get ready to graduate college and start chasing our respective dreams him to grad school and me heaven only knows where a new maturer friendship is forming. And i cant wait to see where we end up.

Jazz Nite Out

Jazz Nite Out
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for those interested in what micah looks like, this is a picture of Me and Micah at the end of the night.
Wednesday we went out to hear a big band at Dowes on 9th in Pittsburgh. went with Baird and Anna & were met there by Bairds Cousin Stephanie and her date Ryan. it was a blast the music was great the company was wonderful and i looked hot. (i was a tad overdressed but at least i was wearing more clothes than that one chick OYE! that skirt would have been short on a preschooler!!)
beforehand we went to bairds, found the code thing ;) and once Bry and Anna made it, we did a swing tutorial DVD...which we never used but was fun anyway. Anna & Bry had code words for everymove they leanred. micah and i rather winged it, after dancing and a photo op with Mrs Baird we took over the kitchen and made dinner: Excelent Shrimp Primavera. Anna is a great Chef who is entirely too hard on herself. We never did find a garlic press and there was a small sauce issue, but all in all it was amazing
so the whole evening was fun. i got in at 230ish so it's a great blessing that jess and i traded shifts so that i didnt go in till 330 on thursday. but i'm about to negate that by not sleeping tonight. well, what did i go to college for if not to learn how to succesfully pull all-nighters!


a blog entry...

...original title i know. i'm pretty darn proud of it
i want to write...i'm jsut not sure what all that i desire to write that i also deisre to have available to the world of online.
lots of stuff going on in my head now.
questions mostly. lots of whys, a few hows, a who or two, and as often accompanies my questioning times more than a few big panicked fustrated screams "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!"
life is getting away from me again. or rather i am getting away from life. i havent really been home in awhile. i mean i've been home, but i have been so busy working and doing things and going places that i havent "been home" for real since i went square dancing. it is starting to take it's toll. but i keep scheduling my life to the brim. usually this means i'm hiding from something. they do not call me the princess of procrastination for nothing...for doing nothing, yes, but i menat "they dont call me that without reason" and we both know that! i am not exactly sure what i'm trying to keep from thinking about but i have a few ideas....maybe.
as for slovakia. well yes, slovakia. i have entered another waiting cycle. once i get my references in, there will be interveiwing on the phone and either acceptance or more rejection and either way i shall have a small breakdown.
as for OMS. i still have to finsiht hat dumb theology exam...this problem is magnified by the lack of being home that i have done lately.
and on the relationship front. i'm jsut plain lost. not sure how anyone involved feels (except that Bryan makes his mind pretty clear to me on occasion). i watched the notebook (well the last half hour or so) tonight with mom and abi after i got home from work. as i have said before, i should not be allowed to watch sappy movies. but i like them. i want them to be my life. i know that my profile has said that "Fairy tales are to romance what fireworks are to the night sky. They are transient states ... and while temporarily thrilling, not what one builds a life around." i believe that. but i have so much princess in me that i still want the fairy tale. i know that i need more than the fairy tale to "live happily ever after" but i'm not sure i want to live "ever after" if i dont get my little bit of fairy tale sprinkled in there. i question wether my current course will lead me to that end. i think there's a love-language barrier going on here.
Abi is home. dad and Ami flew to Equador today. I work easter sunday. I agreed to type the words to the Choir's Easter musical into powerpoint. i am set up to pretty much keep not thinking aobut the things that i'm not thinking about. except that i'm thinking aobut then all teh time i'm doing other stuff. but if i'm busy elsewhere i do not have to act on any of my thinking. i can jsut idly overthink...it's a pernicious and insidious disease.


i went to surprise KT and Josh and Brian and Em this weekend. it was fun...i wanted to write aobut it sooo many times here, but i of coures could not because what if someone saw it and the surprise was ruined? well that would have stunk. so i held my tounge. and it was worth it!
I was supposed to drive to Nyack Thursday after work and hang out with Abi friday morning, but thursday i was sick and so i decided not to make that leg of the trip. I was worried that I would still be sick friday and not get to go, but i felt good enough to drive the 5 hours to Philly and Kristen's house. and the greeting were wonderful...i love hugs...and some of the best huggers in my life were in Philadelphia this weekend.
Friday Night i got to see B kick butt at sports night his school's Spirit thing. there was an elephant and all sorts of cool relay races and dances...YAY fedEx
Saturday KT, Kristen, josh, Em Hutch and I rode the train into NYC and saw all sorts of things: MOMA (i may explode over their dumb purse policy) i saw "Starry night" and Kandinsky and picasso and all sorts of famous paintings YAY
then we went to Rockefeller Center adn watched folks ice skate then ate at Johnny Rockets after leaving the bbq place.
and we accidentally went to Harlem and saw white people and a nice homeless man and a crazy postman and Martin Luther King and then we got right back on the subway saw a rat
went to central park adn the castle and Josh got a car
we went to times square and SAW EVERYTHING!! i rode a ferris wheel inside the Toys 'r' Us and saw the pole the ball drops down...and almost exploded with the joy if being there with them!
then we ate at Houlighans which i'm sure i misspelled but kt and i split a chicken BLT sanwich on some sort of fancy bread that was VERY good, the waiter was dumb and slow but it was nice to sit for a bit.
by that point i was feeling pretty cruddy again but pushed on to St Patricks Cathedral which was locked and then took a cab which was fun to the empire state building which we didnt go up becasue the wait was too long for us to make the last train home.
but i had a great day and a good weekend and now that i've told you all about it, i'm going to bed

ps. i got a cell phone



so Micah. i am deffinitely a fan.
of square dancing. i am also a fan.
and floors suspended on steel cables so they bounce and my feet dont hurt after dancing all night...again a fan.
that allamande left thing...way a fan (it didnt work out the first few times, but by the end i pretty much had it:)
and the spinning was a good thing too

So the whole story is i worked all day Sat...got to GCC late...cause i left here late....in a panic..with inordinately curly hair and a bit of lost film and there was a puppet stage in my basement out of PVC pipe...anyway....we made it there jsut as the first dance (i believe) was starting so we mised getting in a set for that one but i got to watch and then the second one we were with these kids who had about as much clue as i did. none. so it was a different sort of thing...i dont really know what was so hard about it though. the caller (he came from west virginia) explained everything at the start of each dance and walked everone through it...but whatever, the first dance we did, it got to be a bit of a mess...but fun still...then we danced with people who knew what they were doing so that was better...and apparently i am a fast square dance learner. i had a great time. danced all night...learned the Virginia Reel (it resembles the "noble duke of york" near as i can figure)..and ended the eveing mostly teaching Micah how to waltz...we need some work on that.

got home around 130ish...went to bed got up for Early church, went to 1st service& sunday school chased preschoolers during 2nd service (got some reeeally cute photos) had a church family potluck for lunch and the commitment service to end miisons conference then a end of conference meeting with the missions comittee that ended at 230. i was at work at 330 till 11PM and then came home went to bed around midnight and got back up to go to work today at 7AM (i woke up 10 minutes before i had to be at work)...it's been a long weekend...it's gonna be a long but good week...i am worn out. i am goign to bed.

about bed, i am such a big fan!

next installment, Slovakia update


square dancing sidetracked

i promised to blog about the square dancing thing...and i intended to the whole going to Friggin-OHIO and allamand left and shooting holes in tin cans and floating floors, but then tonight at work we got robbed...a guy ran out of the store with a basket full of DVD's ... and that was jsut threw everythign off kilter... but that's all i had a long 2 days...so i'm going to bed now....i'll tell you all abut square dancing later i promise...i'll jsut say now, i'm definitely a fan!


i didnt even try to skew my score!

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fe fie fiddly Eye oh
fe fie fiddly Eye oooooh
fe fie fiddly eye oh
Strummin' on the old Banjo jo jo jo

*+10 points to anyone who can name that song...+2o if you call me and sing it! :)

the paper with important tax iformation continues to be lost (currently all my numbers are filled in all right, but if i get audited i may have a time and a half explaining how i got them...pray i do not get audited!)

I swear why cant tax documents be written in english. i felt like i was reading Spanish. i can read spanish but sometimes i simply do not comprehend what i'm reading...i wanted to bash my head off the desk and scream "what!?!? why can't you just speak english!!! HOW WOULD I KNOW?!" My parents are wonderful. they answered questions like "What if i wasnt a KY or PA resident...am i like that guy in the movie terminal with no home?" without batting an eyelash...(in case you were worried, my mom assured me i was a PA resident. i'm still a tad sceptical, if i get audited SHE can explain that to the IRS)

but aside from that all, i'm celebrating. my taxes are done pending my mother returning from work and verifying that i did not make any horrendous life-ending mistakes.

how am i celebrating you ask? i'll tell you, i had a bag (lunch sized) of Doritos and a tall glass of Orange juice. tomorrow evening the celebration continues with a square dance. yes i have decided to celebrate by eatign and square dancing. if you have a problem with that, call my social co-ordinator....;) (you have reached abi's cell phone. i am not here right now.....)

I'll let you know how the square dancing goes

oh and another thing to celebrate. I am a vessel! the vessels are 4 year Class Clash Bash Champions. Woo whooo!! Kristen got me a shirt:) i love her...

Also i love my roomate. (that word should have only one M. i decided. i am the princess, this is my blog, one M it shall be!) she calle last night. i'm glad that she still thinks of me as someone to call when she is havign a rough day or something to celebrate or both. KT Mato ROX!

this is the end of today's lengthy blog.


there has been a loss in my family.

i have lost inportant tax documents.

this is serious!!

also, on a ligher note, let me know how I feel about square dancing


just thought you shuould know

becasue it made me happy

the "plug" that rampages (its a long complex story i dont have time to type before work. its my brother in a sleeping bag on the floor) calls Jelly beans "encaplulated slime balls"

I do not think i will be able to eat jelly beans this year.


i love people
i am happy...about everyhitng....(except that matt is sad.) even if it is going to get cold and icky again tomorrow!
i called brian the Slovakia Guy back and i'm workign hard to get my application finshed so that when he goes to Slovakia on Thursday he can take it to the field director and go over it together. so i need to finish it so i can fax it...so he can get it.....so he can take it when he leaves the country... so i can get out of the country. Greece this summer whet my appetite for traveling out of the country and i'm jsut ready to go. I dont have a specific call to anywhere right now though...as i'm pushing to get htis slovakia thing done i realized that any group that will take me and let me work with media and get me out of the country with a camera every so often and arent satanists i would probably say yes to on the spot. i was worried that htis meant i should be waiting on the Lord more. (which is never a bad thing really) but i think that sometimes if someone sepnds days doing nothing but seeking God's will they wont get very far because they arent moving. i'm of the opinion that you can only steer somethign that's moving compare what happens if you violently turn the wheel of a car sitting in the driveway to what happens if you tweak the wheel jsut a little going 70 down the highway. so i plow ahead untill God puts a brick wall in my face then i slow down and look to see wether i should turn right or left then i start going again until i get a nudge one way or the other an open window or a closed door.

I'm so happy here's the reason why Jesus took my burdens all awaaay
Now i'm singing as the days go by Jesus took my burdens all away
Once my heart was heavy with a load of sin
Jesus took the sin and gave me peace within my heart
and now i'm singing as the days go by jesus took my burdens all away!!!!
*a bit of a sunday-school sing-along for you. i told you i'm in a good mood!!*


celebrate good times c'mon!!

yay ya yay!! today i was scheduled for 9-5...how am i posting at 3 you ask...i'll tell you. Steve messed up the schedule. so there was no one scheduled from 8-11. so since missions conference should be over around then i offered to come in. so i got to leave early.!! and upon arriving home, i recieved a phone message that the guy from YFC who i have been wating to hear from left a message on my machine!!! i tried to call back but the line was busy so i decided to share my excitement before i tried again....YAY.....
Also, missions conference makes me happy. challenges me to remember what i'm called to. what i say i know God wants me to do and what i often forget to act like. not always the most fun of processes...but i love it anyway!


It's way too soon....

To be obsessing like this.
I should be sleepin'
'Stead of keepin' these late hours
I've been keepin'
I've been pacing and retracing
Every step of every move
And even though I'm feelin' so right
I'm so happy still I know
I should be sleepin'
Instead of dreamin' about you

for wahtever crazy reason tonight i drove to GCC to watch the Shining. i do not liek scary movies(thought it turned out to be ok), so what was i doing there? come to your own conclusions.


nothing much

All i have today is a BIG
for the weekend off!