Jazz Nite Out

Jazz Nite Out
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for those interested in what micah looks like, this is a picture of Me and Micah at the end of the night.
Wednesday we went out to hear a big band at Dowes on 9th in Pittsburgh. went with Baird and Anna & were met there by Bairds Cousin Stephanie and her date Ryan. it was a blast the music was great the company was wonderful and i looked hot. (i was a tad overdressed but at least i was wearing more clothes than that one chick OYE! that skirt would have been short on a preschooler!!)
beforehand we went to bairds, found the code thing ;) and once Bry and Anna made it, we did a swing tutorial DVD...which we never used but was fun anyway. Anna & Bry had code words for everymove they leanred. micah and i rather winged it, after dancing and a photo op with Mrs Baird we took over the kitchen and made dinner: Excelent Shrimp Primavera. Anna is a great Chef who is entirely too hard on herself. We never did find a garlic press and there was a small sauce issue, but all in all it was amazing
so the whole evening was fun. i got in at 230ish so it's a great blessing that jess and i traded shifts so that i didnt go in till 330 on thursday. but i'm about to negate that by not sleeping tonight. well, what did i go to college for if not to learn how to succesfully pull all-nighters!