i went to surprise KT and Josh and Brian and Em this weekend. it was fun...i wanted to write aobut it sooo many times here, but i of coures could not because what if someone saw it and the surprise was ruined? well that would have stunk. so i held my tounge. and it was worth it!
I was supposed to drive to Nyack Thursday after work and hang out with Abi friday morning, but thursday i was sick and so i decided not to make that leg of the trip. I was worried that I would still be sick friday and not get to go, but i felt good enough to drive the 5 hours to Philly and Kristen's house. and the greeting were wonderful...i love hugs...and some of the best huggers in my life were in Philadelphia this weekend.
Friday Night i got to see B kick butt at sports night his school's Spirit thing. there was an elephant and all sorts of cool relay races and dances...YAY fedEx
Saturday KT, Kristen, josh, Em Hutch and I rode the train into NYC and saw all sorts of things: MOMA (i may explode over their dumb purse policy) i saw "Starry night" and Kandinsky and picasso and all sorts of famous paintings YAY
then we went to Rockefeller Center adn watched folks ice skate then ate at Johnny Rockets after leaving the bbq place.
and we accidentally went to Harlem and saw white people and a nice homeless man and a crazy postman and Martin Luther King and then we got right back on the subway saw a rat
went to central park adn the castle and Josh got a car
we went to times square and SAW EVERYTHING!! i rode a ferris wheel inside the Toys 'r' Us and saw the pole the ball drops down...and almost exploded with the joy if being there with them!
then we ate at Houlighans which i'm sure i misspelled but kt and i split a chicken BLT sanwich on some sort of fancy bread that was VERY good, the waiter was dumb and slow but it was nice to sit for a bit.
by that point i was feeling pretty cruddy again but pushed on to St Patricks Cathedral which was locked and then took a cab which was fun to the empire state building which we didnt go up becasue the wait was too long for us to make the last train home.
but i had a great day and a good weekend and now that i've told you all about it, i'm going to bed

ps. i got a cell phone