some random thoughts

Micah told me on our honeymoon that he liked my pedigree. I think he meant my pedicure. not that my pedigree is anything to sneeze at.

Blueberry rice was only a good idea if i had added more rice. and if Micah liked blueberries. it was a great purple color though!

Changing your name is a royal pain in the butt!


We got Married!!

I am Mrs. Henry now.

sorry bout the lack of updates, the wedding ate my last two months. also sorry about the lack of pictures. to try and fix that, here's a link to Nick the Amazing's photos from the weekend. he does not call himself "The Amazing". that's just in my little world. if you have pictures, i'd love to see them!

the wedding was ammmazing. i had a great day! Aside from one or two transportation snafus (I forgot to obsess over that small detail! thanks for bailing us out Heidi :)) everything was perfect! I am convinced that if you didnt have fun, it was your own fault!

look for a Slovakia Update in the next few days.