moving out

can i just refer you to my other blog? it's a reall busy day. we're moving out tonight. nothing is packed and i'm supposed to be calling the FBI not blogging. gotta run.


Spaghetti Brain

OK updating this has been on my list all week!

And now I'm locked out of my appartment (long story, i'm an idiot, apartment still only has one p) and i'm online at the Library. So I am updating to tell you that we made it!!
if i was not locked out of the apartment, i would be on the phone with the travel agent to finalize tickets right now!! (looks like it'll be June 5th)

going to google and then call a locksmith...more later!




short post. 
lots of calls to make. lots to do. 

Apartment only has one p in it. Our apartment is a mess. 

I work 9+ hours today. I do not believe that a high school male will start getting ready for Prom at noon. I do not believe that he didn't know about the prom more than a week in advance.

We only need between $425 and $450 in pledges by May 15th to reach our goal!! We are trusting God to bring the needed funds in and plan to leave the 1st week of June!!

Panory Time

I feel compelled to reccomend to you subscribe to the new and upcoming blog, Panory Time!! the link is over in my sidebar.
It's written by my brother, Alex. He's a little like me. In fact some people believe that he IS me just 13 years younger and a boy. We even had the same haircut for a while.
I should prepare you by letting you know that a Panory is Alex and his friend's own comic creation. A Panory looks like this:
- -

except there's a dot in the middle of the o. add a circle head around the face and a stick body and "pow, you have a Panory"

additionally, it's not all about Panorys....(how do you pluralize a made up word?) Sometimes it's an interesting look into the mind of a kinda different 12 year old.

I may be biased. but I love the little Booger, and i think everyone else should too.