OK, the internet is never coming to our apartment. :( the end. Currently posting from the Grove City Library.

This is not a festive thought (i'm slow getting into the spirit this year.) but it is a thought i had at work this morning:
Garden salads are salads with just veggies theoretically made from a garden
Chef salads are salads with meat but are not made from a chef.
I am glad about this. but shouldn't the name be different?

This morning i walked to the Post Office and got like at housand packages. A little old lady who was ringing the bell for the Salvation Army gave me a ride home so i didnt have to walk... it is good to live in a small town at Christmas time. If you sent a package to us, it probably arrived. We got mail from Wyoming, and Beaver Falls, and a few from New York and I dont care what Abi or Aunt Nancy Say, i'm keeping that one package for myself!

I am going to clean and make christmas cookies today. Bring on Christmas, I'm getting ready!


i'm still here
here is now Grove City PA again
I'm processing a lot of stuff
I have a new old job (same place new position)
Micah is still looking for work
We have grandma Henry's car.
We have no clue what exactly comes next.
we're prayign about it.
we are not in Slovakia.
once again i'm in the uS over the winter, and my winter clothes are stored in Slovakia.
I miss my sweaters.