i do not like

babaganasch....i'm also pretty sure it's misspelled....tha'ts all

well, that and the fact that today was my last day at work...

and my laundry still needs put into drawers from last wednesday (yeah, as in Nov. 9th)

and i am 23 in case you missed that this wednesday (the 16th)

so i guess that babaganasch was not all

but this is the end! (well of this post anyway...sorry for the sparseness)



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uploaded some pics to flickr...halloween and the dog....maybe someday i will get around to scanning the pictures of Judah, Megan(micah's brothr ad his GF) micah and me with our faces painted...this time Judah ahd the whiskers and micah had a spaceship...i have a few stars a moon with a black eye and a pink cactus....yes, i let micah paint my face....
so for those who dont know i quit my job...8 days and i'm a full time fundraiser...also i will be in Colorado for the month of January doing some really cool training on living cross culturaly and learnign anew language....www.mti.org if youre interested.....
things are going well... i jsut wihs i could get myself out of bedd earlier on my mornings off...i'd get so much more done!.
ok off to write Thank-you's, fold wednesday's laundry, and layout a brochure. Life is good good good...gimmme a call sometime!


when you get salycilic acid in your eye it hurts.