Not going to take it!

have i mentioned that i love my litte brother lately?

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63 That I am able to learn (especially slovak!)
64 That we celebrate Thanksgiving so I know when to start decorating
for Christmas
65 That Micah bakes (really) good pretzels
66 For packages
67 candy canes
68 hot water when I have it
69 our car
70 A husband who humors me and carries rocks
71 the ability to climb a mountain
72 A husband who carried me the last 100 yards
73 That my computer survived the OJ spill of '09
74 English books at the second hand store!
75 Paperclip jewelry
76 A sister who will appreciate paperclip jewelry ;)
77 Spell check. (E before L in jewelry - that's not how I pronounce it)


Dreaming of a summer day

Also just testing if i can post video via e-mail.

I'll sail a friendly course and file a friendly chart....

On a sea of love and a thankful heart

51 Friends here at the Ranch
52 iTunes and the shuffle feature
53 European style bedding (we each get our own cover)
54 Saturday mornings
55 Completed projects
56 whiteboards
57 deodorant
58 Muppet Christmas Carol soundtrack
59 Hooded sweatshirts
60 Photoshop
61 Projects that Micah and i can do together
62 12" turkey legs


Ev'ry Night Will End, and Ev'ry Day Will Start....

....with a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart

41 fingernails
42 e-mail
43 yarn
44 frost
45 clothespins
46 Mittens
47 Creativity
48 That I know how to knit
49 external keyboards and mice
50 That we (micah) found the car keys

a few personal letters

Dear Nick, 
Aunt Stasi's feelings will not be hurt if you ask GB to re-do the K on your stocking (or even your whole name) when she comes East for christmas. I know it looks kind of wonky. I love you, but I only have enough patience to rip out and re-sew the letter K three times
PS come visit us.we want to meet you

Dear Siblings, 
Please note that any future nieces or nephews with the letter K in their name will not be getting a stocking from Aunt Stasi. 
PS Don't even think of suggesting that I should have put "Nicholas" 

Dear Mom, 
Thank you for making us stockings when we were born. Thank you also for forgiving me when I took your knitting needles across state lines and then across international borders.
PS should the heel be that pointy? what did i do wrong?


Interpret this sign 2

What do you make of these?

With a Thankful Heart with a Endless Joy

30 Roses on sale at Hypernova for 18 cents
31 Free fresh lamb meat
32 That I had an excuse to skip slaughtering the lamb
33 That I did not screw up my first try cooking lamb meat
34 borrowed sewing machines
35 That my refrigerator does not run on propane
36 Pink fuzzy socks
37 binder clips and thumbtacks
38 Vessel class of '05 nalgene bottle
39 Dino
40 Holding hands with Micah to pray


Interpret this sign 1

I have not clue what this sign means. Any guesses?


11 That Micah cooked last weekend while I was working
12 Slippers
13 Birthday cards
14 Swiss Chocolate
15 Japanese chocolate
16 Sunshine
17 Podcast Sermons
18 Audiobooks
19 that Slovakia isn't communist anymore
20 the internet
21 posting via e-mail
22 yellow vacuum cleaners
23 that I don't have to hand wash my clothes
24 Carbon paper
25 that very few knitting patterns require you to Purl 2 through the
26 walks with my husband n the woods
27 making it to 27!
28 my mom and dad for the past 27 years
29 that the Campfest footage finally came!!


Way behind

So i havent posted here since September 10th.
But i'm back at least a little and i'm thankful for:

1 Sunshine
2 A warm house
3 My sister in law who flew a suitcase full of books across the ocean with her
4 My mom for inspiring us all to give thanks
5 My sisters who share my memories (even the ones mom just made up)
6 That Micah will deal with the mouse in our house
7 Cookie dough
8 Working from home so no one else sees me eating a bowl of cookie dough for breakfast!
9 Skype
10 Asprin

C'mon Alex, jump in.