a few personal letters

Dear Nick, 
Aunt Stasi's feelings will not be hurt if you ask GB to re-do the K on your stocking (or even your whole name) when she comes East for christmas. I know it looks kind of wonky. I love you, but I only have enough patience to rip out and re-sew the letter K three times
PS come visit us.we want to meet you

Dear Siblings, 
Please note that any future nieces or nephews with the letter K in their name will not be getting a stocking from Aunt Stasi. 
PS Don't even think of suggesting that I should have put "Nicholas" 

Dear Mom, 
Thank you for making us stockings when we were born. Thank you also for forgiving me when I took your knitting needles across state lines and then across international borders.
PS should the heel be that pointy? what did i do wrong?