The day the Refrigerator died

Yesterday our fridge died. Currently our perishables are in 2
different refrigerators and 1 freezer in 3 different locations. Today
marian helped Micah trade our old refrigerator (pictured above) for
our new old refrigerator. The new old Fridge came out of the furnace
room and has a piece of paper with the word "eggs" taped to the
front. It has real shelves on the door, and the added bonus of
keeping our food cold! i can't wait to be reunited with my condiments.

I found myself imagining the old refrigerator singing Bye bye miss
American Pie.... This will be the day that I die, this will be the
day that I die..... ( unrelated: "helter-skelter in the summer
swelter" are some of my favorite song lyrics ever)

As a direct yet random result, I currently have the Weird Al version
stuck in my head. "My, my this here Anakin guy may be Vader someday
later now he's just a small fry...Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi..."


The Way It Is

Well, That's the way it is with weddings and life in general...
one near disaster after another and a whole lot of ignorant bliss.
~Beth Webb Hart, The Wedding Machine



A week ago we woke up to an e-mail that Micahs sister's husband had
died on friday evening. We decided not to fly home. That was so hard
for us. I htink if we had realized how hard ti was going to be when
we made the decision we would have been on a plane sunday morning. We
stayed because we knew that if we flew home it would be almost
impossible to convince ourselves to come back to Slovakia.

I am nowhere near as well spoken as jason. So I will let him do his
own tribute.