nice shoes...

While I was supposed to be packing to go to New York, I was a stressed mindless wreck of humanity. And that is being generous. I had a ton to get done before we left and not enough time or mental capacity to handle it all. I was reduced to communicating, if you can call it that, without any nouns at all. "Roommate, before we leave, we need to get the thing from where it fell behind the other thing so I can call the guy at the place in...in...the time zone!"
In light of this, it is not really that surprising that I forgot to pack my sneakers. I needed good walking shoes for Friday when we headed to Canada & Niagara Falls, so we went to Wal-Mart to buy some cheap sneakers. There was a scene, which I will not detail, involving me not knowing my shoe size. (a size 7, who knew?!) I eventually ended up with a really cute pair of shoes. I like them a lot.
The real meat of the story is that I got a compliment on my shoes yesterday. I should just tell you, I am bad at shoes. When it comes to shoes, I'm a total failure. (I love sandals. I'm good at sandals. In the summer, I am never at a loss for what to wear on my feet.) I say this to set up my story.
A guy I work with complimented my shoes!!! Being as bad as I am at shoes, I will always be flattered by a shoe compliment. Also, my favorite pick-up line begins (and, in polite company, ends) “Nice shoes…wanna…
So, when someone compliments my footwear, I always feel super extra good about myself, and just a bit hit on. Justin doesn’t have a clue, but he made my day yesterday. Yay for new shoes!



I am sick. i am not feeling thankful...i did have a great break though...guess what guys?! I WENT TO CANADIA!!!!!! i saw the falls (the american side of the falls is really dumb, Kristen and I kept asking KT where they were for real...the Canadian side is infinately better!) KT's family is great too, her impression of her dad is dead on and her mother is the most wonderful woman in the world and her nephews are precious....adn i met lots of others of her family...her aunt and uncle have a shufflboard court in their basement and a stage with a trap door and a curtain...and a swing....that was fun...i had real buffalo wings and discovered that i can get behind blue Cheese when it's with wings....i shall never convert the whole way though.


growing up

today i finished my OMS application minus the bible content exam and a few refernce forms i have yet to send. and i sent my resume a few places too. i'ts a bit scary. i also e-mailed the C&MA National headquarters. i'm going to call the Asst. VP of Advancement on tuesday before we leave for thanksgiving. its exciting and scary all at the same time!!
that's really all i have to say except that KT and i figured out the plot for our sitom that we're going to be.


Mc Donalds

20 minutes!! it took 20 minutes to get our food!! I can go to Applebees and get half price appetizers in 14 minutes!! So all i wanted was a sundae with both chocolate and caramel on it. And KT wanted 2 double cheeseburgers and we split a large sprite..not so tough in my opinion but what would i know. so they charged me for 2 sundaes AND then the manager was rude to me and made me pull overand park for like 15 minutes!


and on a side note, Weebles wobble but they dont fall down...they do however sponser "Who's line is it anyway?" Anyone else see a problem with this?!>!!?!?!

and even further off subject, my toe nails are pepto-bismol pink



Lost Promise
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no one comments on my blog anymore. i am sad about this. please comment, it makes me feel loved...and for the record, my birthday is the 16th in case you wanted to send presents or flowers to try and make up for the lack of comments



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I Love band. when i was home over fall break, i took five rolls of film...it was sooo fun. if you click on this picture you can see some of my favorites. i still have to get prints of my first 2 rolls, so far all i got is negatives. I'm so excited. It was so much fun to go and follow them and take pictres....i'll post the firsts 2 roll sosme time next week.



An image from the Little House on the Prarie books that has stuck with me since Elementary school, is when Ma wrote letters and so that she didnt waste paper she wrote the letter and turned it over and wrote on the back and then she turned it over again and wrote the other direction and that way she filled the page four times.
That is how I feel about my life. I have filled my schedule and my life so much that i have no breathing room. So when my computer crashes or my roomate's mom comes into town or a prof assigns last minute projects due the next class any little tiny thing doesn't go exaclty like planned, I have no room to do anything but crash into the other writing that's cluttering my page.


sigh of content

last weekend was good, i got to meet Brian and Emily (Kristen's Brother and friend) they are addictive, luckily i'll be able to get my fix at the Wilmore Old Fashioned Christmas when Brian comes back, i'm not sure of Em...i can hope though. i only go tot meethem for an evening, cause i was going to OMS headquarters for a breakaway weekend, and that was good too. OMS was good too.
Oddly enough after spending thursday night out late with Brian and Em KT & Kristen. and then all weekend with people i have started this week refreshed and i'm trying to get back in gear.
I'm in the Corbitt Lab scanning negs for my PhotoJournalism final project, hte one about the Mars Band. I think they turned out pretty well, some are a bit grainy. I'll decide which i want from here and get prints made at Wal-mart. i could have gotten prints already but i was too scared to give Wal-Mart my negs without a backup plan in case they shred them or loose them. i'm excited about this project
Also i'm working on a presentation/research paper about post-modernism and the Gospel I Think....I'm not sure, but i have time yet...i finished All Quiet on the Western Front while i was waiting for these to scan and now i'm updating my blog. Life is good, i havent been this up in awhile. i think my funk may be clearing, Praise the Lord!! It only took what 9 weeks. FINALLY!! Hopefully i dont jinx myself by writing that!
YAY only one more strip left!!!!!!!!