sigh of content

last weekend was good, i got to meet Brian and Emily (Kristen's Brother and friend) they are addictive, luckily i'll be able to get my fix at the Wilmore Old Fashioned Christmas when Brian comes back, i'm not sure of Em...i can hope though. i only go tot meethem for an evening, cause i was going to OMS headquarters for a breakaway weekend, and that was good too. OMS was good too.
Oddly enough after spending thursday night out late with Brian and Em KT & Kristen. and then all weekend with people i have started this week refreshed and i'm trying to get back in gear.
I'm in the Corbitt Lab scanning negs for my PhotoJournalism final project, hte one about the Mars Band. I think they turned out pretty well, some are a bit grainy. I'll decide which i want from here and get prints made at Wal-mart. i could have gotten prints already but i was too scared to give Wal-Mart my negs without a backup plan in case they shred them or loose them. i'm excited about this project
Also i'm working on a presentation/research paper about post-modernism and the Gospel I Think....I'm not sure, but i have time yet...i finished All Quiet on the Western Front while i was waiting for these to scan and now i'm updating my blog. Life is good, i havent been this up in awhile. i think my funk may be clearing, Praise the Lord!! It only took what 9 weeks. FINALLY!! Hopefully i dont jinx myself by writing that!
YAY only one more strip left!!!!!!!!