adressing your concerns

aparently, there is some concern about my night out with Baird. allow me to tell you that no alcohol was involved. in fact the thought is laughable baird and me and alcohol hehehehe i'm in fact laughing right now. the pna coladas were of the virgin variety, like the kind you make from a packet you can buy at walmart or something. and although it might be easier to explain the fact that i stared down a creepy guy with a gas mask in line for the haunted house if alcohol was involved, i promise there was none. ok so now you all can stop fussing over me.
and in somewhat good news, i found a cheaper place that will push my film. the only reason it's only somewhat is that it is olny open from 830-530 m-f, and i'm always in classes or work those hours.....grrrr.....
in happy news, my roomate just hugged my leg. we were jsut talking about going home (i'm going to NY) for thanksgiving and all the sudden she was hugging my leg.
We are good people, Kristen Neilson said so and she would know.