getting back to normal

yeah it's been awhile, i've been the same mix of busy and procrastinationg that i've been for the past 8 years of my life, and i'm normalizing emotionally.
tonight Herman and i talked again. it was good. i missed being his friend. i'm glad we are again. i'm only a bit nervous about what this will do to my emotional state. i think i'll be ok. there were some awkward Ex moments, but mostly we were jsut us the same way we've been since HIghschool. it was a bit funny, i had an away message up it said: "What you are about to do is wrong. Of course, you will only find that out much later. For now, enjoy yourself!" So that was a bit funny, but i don't think it was wrong. I think it was good that we talked.
on a different a bit ironic note, tonight was a blind date night. Jess Tara and i all pick for each other. i got David, a really sweet guy and a good friend from OMS. generally a cheerful fun sort he was himself and I had a ton of fun, we went to Hot Moon and played scrabble and then sorry. laughed lots. we plan to make this a regular sort of thing. it's nice cause it's a group thing and it's set up so theres no romantic pressure or anyhting like that. just guys and girls hanging out. Oh, and an excelent Mango smoothie! I love Mango :)