Asbury Collegian Oct. 28, 2004
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yes, folks, it was for a photojournalism project, but the fact remains, a picture i took was on the front page of the Asbury Collegian Newspaper!! HA!
life is relatively good, my room is a mess and i have tons of work to do this weekend and it'll be quite expensive(though fortunately do-able) to fix the mistake i made in my ASA settings from the band pictures. The speaker at OMS was wonderful tonight, we carved punkins on wednesday and I got to watch Casablanca tonight, last night was fall fest so i wore my costume and then the ladies of Third West, whom I love immensely, and i stayed in costume to hit up half-price apetizers at Applebees. tomorrow i'll clean my room and do work all day long unles si decide to go to the Goat Roast (yes there really killing and eating a goat!) at WGM. God is so good and i could not be much more blessed without exploding.