People piss me off. Tonight I had the room to myself, and guess where i spent my evening. THE GRILLE!!!
ok here's my story: KT is at her Sisters for the weekend and i was going to put away my summer clothes and get out my sweaters and do some reading and jsut relax get some stuff done and have me time, music up and door closed. instead i got a call at 9:40 from the Student Body VP who lived in my suite last year saying that the guy who was supposed to run the movie tonight never showed. so i ran over to at least start it for them. cause i hate to have people think poorly of the Media Services Department. SO i started it, and then used the computer in the grille to find out who was supposed to be there calle dhim he of course wasnt there, so i stayed cause someone had to be there and i Could use the money. but really i'm mad. If i hadnt gone Ashley wouldnt have had lcue who to call and the movie wouldnt have gotten shown and instead of starting 15 minutes late it woulndt have happened at all and He'd have been fired or at least IN UBER-Deep Trouble and then I called and he was less than appropraiately appreciative!
so instead of having a very relaxing productive evening, i am going to bed late and mad.