two rants in a row what is the world coming to?!

i hate my body. period. ok, that's a bit untrue. i actually have a pretty decent body. nice legs cute butt my hair outgrew its ratty stage years ago and i look good in glasses or contacts nice eyes. and i'm thin. that is why i hate my body. because since last winter my hips or my butt or something has grown and i cant' fit into a number of pairs of cute pants that i jsut got out of storage. that is why i hate my body. aparently, because i am thin, it's not ok for me to be sad when my faorite pair of cords with the cute studs along thehem don't fit. or when my only pair of black dress pants won't button. that is why i hate my body. becasue it's ok to make fun of my body. tha'ts why my body makes me mad. because it's ok to joke about me being anorexic. that is why my body pisses me off. because i'm thin aparently it's ok to comment on my eating habits. you know what, the problem really isnt with my body is it? the problem is with people. why is it ok to be rude to people who are thin. sometimes i am really insecure. somedays i feel scrawny. and if i joke aobut it that's me covering up. so there you go. now you know. please dont use my weight or my body shape as an easy target. i promise you i've got a bunch of other quiks and eccentricities that you can feel free to target jsut leave my appearance out of it and i wont talk aobut yours.