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He's Touching Me!!
He's Touching Me!!,
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ok, so this picture is from the trip back from Tour Du Bridge this summer. and has very little to do with anyhting going on in my life except that i feel liek i look in that picture. except that in this picture i had jsut biked almost 20 miles (and this year Uncle Ronnie seems to have forgotten the concept of downhill biking!) right now i jsut feel like i've been run over by something.
This mornign i woke up late without a voice. not a huge deal except that i was supposed to record the VO for my NewsWatch story, hard to do without a voice. But Rachel is my hero and recorded it for me. I'll stil have to record my own voice (once it comes back) for the Resume tape i have due at the end of the semester, but at least I made deadline and my story has a chance to air today.
the rest of my body seems to be catching up with my voice though. after 5,i dont have to do anythign but help tara with her scanner, and eat dinner, and then there shall be napping. i have a ton of reading and studying to do, but there shall be napping first...