adressing your concerns

aparently, there is some concern about my night out with Baird. allow me to tell you that no alcohol was involved. in fact the thought is laughable baird and me and alcohol hehehehe i'm in fact laughing right now. the pna coladas were of the virgin variety, like the kind you make from a packet you can buy at walmart or something. and although it might be easier to explain the fact that i stared down a creepy guy with a gas mask in line for the haunted house if alcohol was involved, i promise there was none. ok so now you all can stop fussing over me.
and in somewhat good news, i found a cheaper place that will push my film. the only reason it's only somewhat is that it is olny open from 830-530 m-f, and i'm always in classes or work those hours.....grrrr.....
in happy news, my roomate just hugged my leg. we were jsut talking about going home (i'm going to NY) for thanksgiving and all the sudden she was hugging my leg.
We are good people, Kristen Neilson said so and she would know.



Asbury Collegian Oct. 28, 2004
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yes, folks, it was for a photojournalism project, but the fact remains, a picture i took was on the front page of the Asbury Collegian Newspaper!! HA!
life is relatively good, my room is a mess and i have tons of work to do this weekend and it'll be quite expensive(though fortunately do-able) to fix the mistake i made in my ASA settings from the band pictures. The speaker at OMS was wonderful tonight, we carved punkins on wednesday and I got to watch Casablanca tonight, last night was fall fest so i wore my costume and then the ladies of Third West, whom I love immensely, and i stayed in costume to hit up half-price apetizers at Applebees. tomorrow i'll clean my room and do work all day long unles si decide to go to the Goat Roast (yes there really killing and eating a goat!) at WGM. God is so good and i could not be much more blessed without exploding.


senioritis & my weekend

my senioritis has extended into the realm of blogging. i sit and do nothing. at all. so to my "Loyal readership" if such a thing exists, I apologise.
so i want to write all about my weekend. sorry, that will be painfully long. but if you want to hear about my weekend, pina coladas in teh back of the church, band busses and near death at the hands of chainsaw weilding maniacs, read on. but if the length overwhelmes you basicly add in some good family time and that last sentence sums up my weekend.
I had so much fun. I love home. Got in well after midnight and my mommy was still up so we talked for about an hour before we got to bed. Abi's roomate Mandy was cominghome wiht her so i was in AlMeade's Top bunk. then the next morning Alex woke me up at 7 to tell me that Jake wanted me to snuggle with me. Jake is the stuffed horse Alex sleeps with every night. I accepted the offer of the horse, and rolled over. I didnt wake up for another hour and when i did it was bus time. I had my mom parked in so my car had to make the trip to the bus stop. I love my family, my mom and i spent the rest of the morning talking and jsut hanging out wht my mom we accomplished a few little things but mostly we got to jsut talk.
i showered and then it was lunch time. after lunch i went to the school for band class (i shot the band for a photojournalism project this weekend) and that was fun. i liked the new band director. and i got hit on by a freshman. i watned to say "STOP! it is illegal for me to look at you twice, and i don't even think youre cute!!
And then Friday night, i went to the football game and it was senior night and my Ami is a senior I can harldy believe it she is getting so old. I am so old!! but i got some decent pictures of the band and got ot hang oout with Ami and her Greg, and My minion was there too which happies me. so we chatted untill halftime.
after halftime i left and met up with baird and we went out which was fun. this is the part aobut the pina colodas in his church sanctuary and chainsaws and me almost dying. so in our conversations leading up to the plannign of this shindig, it came up that i had never had a pina coloda so the plan included using the AC/cigarette lighter thing he has to make pina colodas except that the fuse blew in his car so that was a no go. but fortunately his church was on the way there and he's got a key so we stopped there. so friday night found me sitting in the back of the sanctuary of Baird's Church making pina colodas. and then a haunted house. this si the chainsaw part and the part that Bry is still apologising for (Bryan get over it i'm still alive). "you see wha happened is..." we went to a haunted house and there was this one part that included chainsaws and fumes and that made my lungs sad. :) all was well though and i survived the haunted house. i'm a bit jumpy though and that seemded to provide a lot of entertainment for everyone involved, 'cept of course me! night ended by me learnig this twisty hand thing wiht glow sticks (it's only cool if it's dark and you have glowsticks) and lots of great fun was had by all:)
Saturday was a band competition day. i went and shot rehersal I got to go on top the new building!!!!!!!!! and then i traveled to WestAl on the bus. i go to talk to mommy Meuser and remember lots of good memories. and I got some good pictues and i almost hung out with my minon except thta he was doing band parenty stuff with his dad and i was running around getting pictures. Karen came to the comp and i rode back with her and we caught up some.
Sunday was Sunday school & church and My minion came over for dinner, i love that boy i'm glad he came over. in sad sunday news, the Steelers had a bye week :( i was hoping to get to see them play. such is life. but tis weekend over all life was good.
this is obscenely long. i'll stop now. good night
*i had a horrible scare in which i feared that this was all deleted it is not, praise the lord*

practical application

He's teaching her arithmetic, he said it was his mission.
He kissed her once then kissed her twice and said, "Now that's addition."
And as he added smack by smack, in silent satisfaction,
she sweetly gave the kisses back and said, "Now that's subtraction."
Then he kissed her, she kissed him, without an explanation,
they both together smiled and said, "That's multiplication."
Then dad appeared upon the scene and made a quick decision.
He kicked that kid three blocks away and said, "That's long division!"
**Dan Clark**

A poem from my past...4th grade in fact it jsut makes me happy. My alex learned it. he says it to my sisters. I was home this weekend. life is good. more later in my typically random fashion.


two rants in a row what is the world coming to?!

i hate my body. period. ok, that's a bit untrue. i actually have a pretty decent body. nice legs cute butt my hair outgrew its ratty stage years ago and i look good in glasses or contacts nice eyes. and i'm thin. that is why i hate my body. because since last winter my hips or my butt or something has grown and i cant' fit into a number of pairs of cute pants that i jsut got out of storage. that is why i hate my body. aparently, because i am thin, it's not ok for me to be sad when my faorite pair of cords with the cute studs along thehem don't fit. or when my only pair of black dress pants won't button. that is why i hate my body. becasue it's ok to make fun of my body. tha'ts why my body makes me mad. because it's ok to joke about me being anorexic. that is why my body pisses me off. because i'm thin aparently it's ok to comment on my eating habits. you know what, the problem really isnt with my body is it? the problem is with people. why is it ok to be rude to people who are thin. sometimes i am really insecure. somedays i feel scrawny. and if i joke aobut it that's me covering up. so there you go. now you know. please dont use my weight or my body shape as an easy target. i promise you i've got a bunch of other quiks and eccentricities that you can feel free to target jsut leave my appearance out of it and i wont talk aobut yours.



People piss me off. Tonight I had the room to myself, and guess where i spent my evening. THE GRILLE!!!
ok here's my story: KT is at her Sisters for the weekend and i was going to put away my summer clothes and get out my sweaters and do some reading and jsut relax get some stuff done and have me time, music up and door closed. instead i got a call at 9:40 from the Student Body VP who lived in my suite last year saying that the guy who was supposed to run the movie tonight never showed. so i ran over to at least start it for them. cause i hate to have people think poorly of the Media Services Department. SO i started it, and then used the computer in the grille to find out who was supposed to be there calle dhim he of course wasnt there, so i stayed cause someone had to be there and i Could use the money. but really i'm mad. If i hadnt gone Ashley wouldnt have had lcue who to call and the movie wouldnt have gotten shown and instead of starting 15 minutes late it woulndt have happened at all and He'd have been fired or at least IN UBER-Deep Trouble and then I called and he was less than appropraiately appreciative!
so instead of having a very relaxing productive evening, i am going to bed late and mad.


how i feel

He's Touching Me!!
He's Touching Me!!,
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ok, so this picture is from the trip back from Tour Du Bridge this summer. and has very little to do with anyhting going on in my life except that i feel liek i look in that picture. except that in this picture i had jsut biked almost 20 miles (and this year Uncle Ronnie seems to have forgotten the concept of downhill biking!) right now i jsut feel like i've been run over by something.
This mornign i woke up late without a voice. not a huge deal except that i was supposed to record the VO for my NewsWatch story, hard to do without a voice. But Rachel is my hero and recorded it for me. I'll stil have to record my own voice (once it comes back) for the Resume tape i have due at the end of the semester, but at least I made deadline and my story has a chance to air today.
the rest of my body seems to be catching up with my voice though. after 5,i dont have to do anythign but help tara with her scanner, and eat dinner, and then there shall be napping. i have a ton of reading and studying to do, but there shall be napping first...


getting back to normal

yeah it's been awhile, i've been the same mix of busy and procrastinationg that i've been for the past 8 years of my life, and i'm normalizing emotionally.
tonight Herman and i talked again. it was good. i missed being his friend. i'm glad we are again. i'm only a bit nervous about what this will do to my emotional state. i think i'll be ok. there were some awkward Ex moments, but mostly we were jsut us the same way we've been since HIghschool. it was a bit funny, i had an away message up it said: "What you are about to do is wrong. Of course, you will only find that out much later. For now, enjoy yourself!" So that was a bit funny, but i don't think it was wrong. I think it was good that we talked.
on a different a bit ironic note, tonight was a blind date night. Jess Tara and i all pick for each other. i got David, a really sweet guy and a good friend from OMS. generally a cheerful fun sort he was himself and I had a ton of fun, we went to Hot Moon and played scrabble and then sorry. laughed lots. we plan to make this a regular sort of thing. it's nice cause it's a group thing and it's set up so theres no romantic pressure or anyhting like that. just guys and girls hanging out. Oh, and an excelent Mango smoothie! I love Mango :)