bilge and blunders

The other night my sister and parents and I were just hanging out in the living room talking, one of those rare moments that don’t happen too often (a bit redundant, I know) since we are away at college. **On a side note, I love my family. I love it when we just sit and talk. We laugh a lot and say things that are never ever supposed to leave whatever room we’re in** And we were talking about boys and women and so on and so on, and we got on the topic/analogy of Vikings and relationships... weird and random I know, but it’s my family, where do you think I got it from?:)...it’s a matter of confidence what the actual conversation consisted of and how we got there) but get there we did and my mom was trying to remember the words “pillage” and “plunder” you know like destroy and loot…but instead the words she came up with were “bilge” (pronounced like pillage with a B) and “blunder
bilge according to dictionary.com (i love that site!) is “water which collects in the bottom of a ship or other vessel. It is often allowed to remain till it becomes very offensive.” And a blunder is a stupid mistake caused by ignorance and confusion. We decided that although very un-vikinglike, it was a decent assessment of my dating life. That is a bit harsh I realize and not altogether serious or intended that way it was just kinda funny. I realize it was probly funnier if you were there. But if you had been there we wouldn’t have been having the conversation. We behave much better when outsiders are around. But doesn’t everybody really if you’ve got a connection with someone, things come out when it’s just you that wouldn’t with someone else, even if you have a connection with that person also. That’s a weird sentence/concept and I’m not going to try and justify/explain it. if you don’t like it, tough. If you want to explore it with me, gimme a call if you don’t have my number e-mail always makes me happy:)


not much to say, and backpacking ovens!

woke up with a spliting headache, so i rolled over and went back to bed, did this a number times, by the time my dad came up and made me get out of bed it was noon-thirty. i took some drugs and tried to gt my day started...it took the drugs forever to kick in, but i decided that i wished that i had gotten my sorry butt out of bed when i woke up the first time at 730 with the headache and taken some drugs. so all in all i did nothign today. When ami go thome from school i felt like my day had jsut started so how could she be home already!! well i didnt exactly do nothing, i folded two loads of towels and drove my broyther to get ice cream as a thank-you for his helping me wash my car the other day.
that was the only time i was out of the house and i missed a call from Brian who is spending the weekend with the boyscout troop he works with in the woods. that was sad(that i missd the call, not htat he's spending the weeknd doing stuff he loves). he called again later from, i guess, the middle of the woods and this is about all i heard... "Hi....i jsut wanted to say....horrible reception here.....talk to you sunday..... ood night" i think he heard me say goodnight and how sweet he was for calling from the woods....speaking of him in the woods, as an addition to my amazement over backpacking stoves(i'm stillnot quite over that yet..i know "simple things...")...did you know they have backpacking ovens Brian doesnt understand my amazement with this and aparently its more like a double boiler rather than the kind you could bake cookies in, but STILL...i'm amazed. i am simply not an outdoorsy type. i am not a citified priss either, I grew up on a dirt road ive been fishing and on day hikes, i own a sleeping bag, but the first time i ever slept outside in a tent that wasnt' in someones backyard was the end of my sophomore year of college! OVENS! imagine....


randomest i've been for a while

I am home...it is nice...quite nice. the end.
All sorts of exciting stuff's going down up here:
for one the weather is beautiful-> mid to high 80's...i'm in heaven.
For two, i got a car, this makes me happy. tomorrow it goes to be inspected and then i am independent. of course, i have to pay for gas it was 2.05 this morning at the 7-11...what the heck is with that!? i get a car and gas goes through the roof! the good news in a way is that once i leave for camp, the car stays here, abi drives it, pays for gas and makes the car payments for the summer months. also, my insurance is $80 cheaper than i was originally quoted, i find this out when my dad drives me to the north hills to get insured. and then today we transfered the title to my name..."what kind is it?" you ask..."white" I say with a smile, cause tha'ts abotu what i know about cars:) actually it's a 93 infiniti J30. and it is white. and the inside is tan leather. and it has a sunroof that doesnt liek to open sometimes and an analog clock. the clock makes me happy too.
for three, i got to see brian on monday, jsut a few hours after i got home that always makes me happy he came and helped me unload the car, and then we went to see my minion which was alsohappy. third and fouth to my dad and bruber(brother) those two are my favorite men in my life. I'm not sure tis correct to structure a sentence like that, but i did! so there!!
for four...(hehe that's fun to say), last night alex abi and i went to the art showcase, that was fun. i like seeing what all those artsy people are up to. it's usually...interesting:)
that's the end of my list. four was a godo place to stop, this afternoon i'm gong to paint my nails, do a bit of housework (gotta earn my keep) and call teh bank, maybe walk down to the hardware store to get a spare key made, tonight i'm gonna prolly help abi with the k-5 childrens program at the church. tomorrow night's the band concert yay for the band!! I"m such a band nerd :)
that's all, except that since i'm at home, internet time is limited, cause it ties up the phone line so I'll type offline and then get on and post so posts may be sporadic, and longer than usual to make up for that.
the end. (for real this time)


ok, so whoever was agrivating my minion, by pretending to be him, i can see the IP addresses of those who comment....and i can tell wheter or not it was him....of course it doesnt matter anymore, cause i permanantly banned you from commetning ever again...my minion is a dear sweet person, and i will not stand for him being messed with, period. Plus, you were not saying nice things, so i dotn feel bad aobut loosing your input. if you would like to apologise , you can e-mail me, and i will accept that apology, because i'm a good and forgiving person

I am not drunk

for those of you who read my away messages last night and expressed concern about my sobriety...i was not drunk las night....for those of you who didnt see my messages they were this "out with my roomate, the good news is Vodka has no carbs".....followed later that night by "we decided to skip the vodka in spite of its carblessness and went for strawberry daiquiris....I'm definately sleeping in tomorrow!"
these were not lies, i did go out with my roomate, we went to Cheddars for a cookie monster..mmmmmm.....i t was really good....and Vodka doestn have any carbs, but i wasnt drinking it anyway!....it was something KT said in response to a movie on TV...and it was funny so i put it in my away message....
we had fun....we got to Cheddars, and i decided that i hadnt had a daiquiri in years so i ordered a non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiri and there was more thn fit in the cup, so KT had a small one too....and the cookie monster was good, then we came back and cleaned/packed some till quite late at night....so i slept in this morning...there was much fun but no alcohol involved....so there...have a bit more faith in me!


but i waaant one!

I have decided i want babies, (however, i dont want to have serious conversation aobut making them in public)....there were babies on friends season finale....twins....and a duckling and chick...i'd settle for baby poultry...not forever though....my hall mom our freshman year had baby chiuauas....they are soooo cute, and all little and jsut precious.....i'd like a baby chiuaua....i wouldnt even mind a baby kitten....except that when i t grew up, i'd have to get rid of it, i'm not so much of a cat people. excepth that maybe if it was a cat that grew up with me and didnt have tooo much attitude i guess i could keep it....i guess you have that problem with kids too, except if you get a kid that had too much attitude, you really cant jsut get rid of it....
but i think it's that spring time of the year....and everyone on TV is having babies and all the diaper ad baby clothes commercials....sigh....of course i dont' have any real prospects of having a baby....a baby human at least, and for that matter, since i live in a dorm, i dont really have any chance of getting any other kind of baby. at least till december. of course i' dont know were i'll be after that.....sigh, babies could be a long way coming.....



I have already posted 3 times today and i figured i have a few minutes before it turns into tomorrow, why not go for 4.... I like the number 4 better than three anyway. Plus, i'ts may 4th....this could be a dangerous precedent to talke, what will i do on the 30th?!!! What to write about, oh i know, a list!!
things that come in 4's
~Havener Children
~4 square
~legs on a girraffe
~girls in my Suite...i love my suite
~years of highschool
~weeks in a month
~tines on a fork
~today's posts
~quarters in a dollar
~wheels on a bus
~legs on a table
~eyes on my brother (He said it)
~fingers on a hand (thumbs arent fingers they're thumbs!)
~states of matter (Can you name them all?)
~electrons in Beryllium
~Letters in the word "word"
~wings on a dragonfly
~Boys ive broken up with
~closet doors in my room
~roomates i've had
~Framed Pictures on my desk
~minutes till it's tomorrow

Movie theaters

I"m really procrastinating today.
This conversation started with my roomate saying "i'm taking a nap" and continued down a few rabit trails till we got to the subject of making out in movie theaters. (if you want the whole train of conversation ask later)
I have always been confused by people who make out in movie theaters. I dont mean just a quick (or not so quick kiss) during a dull part or an onscreen kiss, i'm talkign about full on making out as in extesnive spit swaping and all over each other. .
I know people who go to movies they dont want to see for the express purpose of making out. this is jsut wrong. I might understand going to a movie finding out it's dull and plotless and then making out for the remainder fo the movie. But planning not go and have an expensie uncomfortable makeout session is beyond me.
i jsut dont get it. You can make out for free in your car in a parking lot, why pay $14+ to make out in the theater. if you have money you want to waste, send it to me! then go make out somewhere that doesnt charge! plus dark or not, a movie theater is not exactly private, there are other people there. Maybe you get a rush from making out in front of people, but I surely dont want to see it! and anyway, how CAN that be comfortable? i mean there's an arm in between you that doesn't beling to either of you! It's the rough equivilent of making out in a car with bucket seats. this is why people end up in the back seat of cars with bucket seats. its jsut not nice making out when you can't get at the other person.
All in all, i've never done it, dont intend to and if i see you doing it i'm pulling out the water pistol i carry in my purse for jsut such purposes!

my summer schedule

in case anyone cares, i'll be the Audio/Visual intern at Camp Allegheny this summer. So i'f it has to do with sound or video, i'm the girl...it'll count for my internship too, which is good...so i have to keep a journal for it, i think i'll do that as a blog and share my crazy camp experiences......I'm SOOO excited I leave for training the 5th of June and below is the camp schedule. and the address in case you want to send me mail HINT HINT HINT HINT!!! -->255 VanGorder's Mill Rd., RD 1, Box 255, Ellwood City, PA 16117

June 17 - 22 Outdoor Adventure #1
June 24 - 29 Outdoor Adventure #2
July 2 - 7 Outdoor Adventure #3
July 10 - 16 Sr. Sports/Girl Guard
July 19 - 26 Music and Arts
Jul 28 - Aug 2 Jr. Sports/Sunbeams
August 4 - 9 Teen/O.A. #4


I do not recomend the rest of this site. If you surf the rest of this site, dont yell at me i told you so....but this toon is hilarious....the sort of thing that makes finals week a bit brighter!


finals week

It is unfortunately (and fortunately all at the same time) finals week. This means that a week from today, I'll be home yay!! but it also means i have a major lot of work to do this week before i go home....thus, the lack of posting and the increase in studying.



Someone asked me bout the url here...."cessa" like cesspool? to which i say a resounding NO also there is wonderig about the WBSER part....so here goes the explination
W = Wonderful
B = Beautiful
S = Sweet
E = Enchanting
R = Radient
This Acronym goes back to High school. "Always Wonderful and Beautiful" was how I answered when people asked how I was, (TANGENT: it was a kind of way of avoiding telling how i relly was without feeling insincere. and if someone wanted to take the time to know all they had to say was no really how are you? One of my big pet peecves is people who use how're you as a greeting rather than an honest inquiry.) Then while the band was at Disney, Sweet enchanting and radient was lifted form some princess merchandise and added to my adjectives.
Cessa is simpler to explain it's short for Princessa which is spanish for Princess. I am a princess. And i like spanish. Francisco called me Princessa while i was in CHile and I liek the way it sounds.
WBSERPrincessa is jsut too long, so i shortened it. End of long pointless story.