Movie theaters

I"m really procrastinating today.
This conversation started with my roomate saying "i'm taking a nap" and continued down a few rabit trails till we got to the subject of making out in movie theaters. (if you want the whole train of conversation ask later)
I have always been confused by people who make out in movie theaters. I dont mean just a quick (or not so quick kiss) during a dull part or an onscreen kiss, i'm talkign about full on making out as in extesnive spit swaping and all over each other. .
I know people who go to movies they dont want to see for the express purpose of making out. this is jsut wrong. I might understand going to a movie finding out it's dull and plotless and then making out for the remainder fo the movie. But planning not go and have an expensie uncomfortable makeout session is beyond me.
i jsut dont get it. You can make out for free in your car in a parking lot, why pay $14+ to make out in the theater. if you have money you want to waste, send it to me! then go make out somewhere that doesnt charge! plus dark or not, a movie theater is not exactly private, there are other people there. Maybe you get a rush from making out in front of people, but I surely dont want to see it! and anyway, how CAN that be comfortable? i mean there's an arm in between you that doesn't beling to either of you! It's the rough equivilent of making out in a car with bucket seats. this is why people end up in the back seat of cars with bucket seats. its jsut not nice making out when you can't get at the other person.
All in all, i've never done it, dont intend to and if i see you doing it i'm pulling out the water pistol i carry in my purse for jsut such purposes!