I have already posted 3 times today and i figured i have a few minutes before it turns into tomorrow, why not go for 4.... I like the number 4 better than three anyway. Plus, i'ts may 4th....this could be a dangerous precedent to talke, what will i do on the 30th?!!! What to write about, oh i know, a list!!
things that come in 4's
~Havener Children
~4 square
~legs on a girraffe
~girls in my Suite...i love my suite
~years of highschool
~weeks in a month
~tines on a fork
~today's posts
~quarters in a dollar
~wheels on a bus
~legs on a table
~eyes on my brother (He said it)
~fingers on a hand (thumbs arent fingers they're thumbs!)
~states of matter (Can you name them all?)
~electrons in Beryllium
~Letters in the word "word"
~wings on a dragonfly
~Boys ive broken up with
~closet doors in my room
~roomates i've had
~Framed Pictures on my desk
~minutes till it's tomorrow