randomest i've been for a while

I am home...it is nice...quite nice. the end.
All sorts of exciting stuff's going down up here:
for one the weather is beautiful-> mid to high 80's...i'm in heaven.
For two, i got a car, this makes me happy. tomorrow it goes to be inspected and then i am independent. of course, i have to pay for gas it was 2.05 this morning at the 7-11...what the heck is with that!? i get a car and gas goes through the roof! the good news in a way is that once i leave for camp, the car stays here, abi drives it, pays for gas and makes the car payments for the summer months. also, my insurance is $80 cheaper than i was originally quoted, i find this out when my dad drives me to the north hills to get insured. and then today we transfered the title to my name..."what kind is it?" you ask..."white" I say with a smile, cause tha'ts abotu what i know about cars:) actually it's a 93 infiniti J30. and it is white. and the inside is tan leather. and it has a sunroof that doesnt liek to open sometimes and an analog clock. the clock makes me happy too.
for three, i got to see brian on monday, jsut a few hours after i got home that always makes me happy he came and helped me unload the car, and then we went to see my minion which was alsohappy. third and fouth to my dad and bruber(brother) those two are my favorite men in my life. I'm not sure tis correct to structure a sentence like that, but i did! so there!!
for four...(hehe that's fun to say), last night alex abi and i went to the art showcase, that was fun. i like seeing what all those artsy people are up to. it's usually...interesting:)
that's the end of my list. four was a godo place to stop, this afternoon i'm gong to paint my nails, do a bit of housework (gotta earn my keep) and call teh bank, maybe walk down to the hardware store to get a spare key made, tonight i'm gonna prolly help abi with the k-5 childrens program at the church. tomorrow night's the band concert yay for the band!! I"m such a band nerd :)
that's all, except that since i'm at home, internet time is limited, cause it ties up the phone line so I'll type offline and then get on and post so posts may be sporadic, and longer than usual to make up for that.
the end. (for real this time)