my summer schedule

in case anyone cares, i'll be the Audio/Visual intern at Camp Allegheny this summer. So i'f it has to do with sound or video, i'm the girl...it'll count for my internship too, which is good...so i have to keep a journal for it, i think i'll do that as a blog and share my crazy camp experiences......I'm SOOO excited I leave for training the 5th of June and below is the camp schedule. and the address in case you want to send me mail HINT HINT HINT HINT!!! -->255 VanGorder's Mill Rd., RD 1, Box 255, Ellwood City, PA 16117

June 17 - 22 Outdoor Adventure #1
June 24 - 29 Outdoor Adventure #2
July 2 - 7 Outdoor Adventure #3
July 10 - 16 Sr. Sports/Girl Guard
July 19 - 26 Music and Arts
Jul 28 - Aug 2 Jr. Sports/Sunbeams
August 4 - 9 Teen/O.A. #4