Someone asked me bout the url here...."cessa" like cesspool? to which i say a resounding NO also there is wonderig about the WBSER part....so here goes the explination
W = Wonderful
B = Beautiful
S = Sweet
E = Enchanting
R = Radient
This Acronym goes back to High school. "Always Wonderful and Beautiful" was how I answered when people asked how I was, (TANGENT: it was a kind of way of avoiding telling how i relly was without feeling insincere. and if someone wanted to take the time to know all they had to say was no really how are you? One of my big pet peecves is people who use how're you as a greeting rather than an honest inquiry.) Then while the band was at Disney, Sweet enchanting and radient was lifted form some princess merchandise and added to my adjectives.
Cessa is simpler to explain it's short for Princessa which is spanish for Princess. I am a princess. And i like spanish. Francisco called me Princessa while i was in CHile and I liek the way it sounds.
WBSERPrincessa is jsut too long, so i shortened it. End of long pointless story.