not much to say, and backpacking ovens!

woke up with a spliting headache, so i rolled over and went back to bed, did this a number times, by the time my dad came up and made me get out of bed it was noon-thirty. i took some drugs and tried to gt my day started...it took the drugs forever to kick in, but i decided that i wished that i had gotten my sorry butt out of bed when i woke up the first time at 730 with the headache and taken some drugs. so all in all i did nothign today. When ami go thome from school i felt like my day had jsut started so how could she be home already!! well i didnt exactly do nothing, i folded two loads of towels and drove my broyther to get ice cream as a thank-you for his helping me wash my car the other day.
that was the only time i was out of the house and i missed a call from Brian who is spending the weekend with the boyscout troop he works with in the woods. that was sad(that i missd the call, not htat he's spending the weeknd doing stuff he loves). he called again later from, i guess, the middle of the woods and this is about all i heard... "Hi....i jsut wanted to say....horrible reception here.....talk to you sunday..... ood night" i think he heard me say goodnight and how sweet he was for calling from the woods....speaking of him in the woods, as an addition to my amazement over backpacking stoves(i'm stillnot quite over that yet..i know "simple things...")...did you know they have backpacking ovens Brian doesnt understand my amazement with this and aparently its more like a double boiler rather than the kind you could bake cookies in, but STILL...i'm amazed. i am simply not an outdoorsy type. i am not a citified priss either, I grew up on a dirt road ive been fishing and on day hikes, i own a sleeping bag, but the first time i ever slept outside in a tent that wasnt' in someones backyard was the end of my sophomore year of college! OVENS! imagine....