I am not drunk

for those of you who read my away messages last night and expressed concern about my sobriety...i was not drunk las night....for those of you who didnt see my messages they were this "out with my roomate, the good news is Vodka has no carbs".....followed later that night by "we decided to skip the vodka in spite of its carblessness and went for strawberry daiquiris....I'm definately sleeping in tomorrow!"
these were not lies, i did go out with my roomate, we went to Cheddars for a cookie monster..mmmmmm.....i t was really good....and Vodka doestn have any carbs, but i wasnt drinking it anyway!....it was something KT said in response to a movie on TV...and it was funny so i put it in my away message....
we had fun....we got to Cheddars, and i decided that i hadnt had a daiquiri in years so i ordered a non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiri and there was more thn fit in the cup, so KT had a small one too....and the cookie monster was good, then we came back and cleaned/packed some till quite late at night....so i slept in this morning...there was much fun but no alcohol involved....so there...have a bit more faith in me!