Turkey questions

Did you hear the one about how we bought a 40 pound Turkey in
October? By accident.
We meant to buy a turkey, just not one that big. For pete's sake
there are only two of us!

Mirka came to our front door one day out of the blue to ask us: "Do
you wanna turkey?"

What?! is she offering to cook us lunch? would we like a pet? did we
replace the goose-ducks? No. It was apparently going to soon be "the
time for killing turkeys" (who knew there was such a thing) and Milos
knew a guy who would sell us a whole turkey.

In our defense we DID ask how big the turkey would be... The answer
was: "you know...bigger than chickens....how big a turkey is." And
while 3 Euros a Kilo (± $2/lb) was a bit pricey, we figured that we
could eat turkey for a few meals, support a local turkey grower/
killer, and have our thanksgiving turkey ahead of time and without
searching a million stores.....

The Turkey (yes, capital letters) arrived on a day while I was 2
hours away in Presov. Milos came with The Turkey in a trash bag and
a bill for 56 Euros ($80!!). He offered to cut it up for us (thank
heavens) and asked Micah how we would like it cut.....Poor Micah had
no clue how he would like The Turkey cut up let alone how I would
like The Turkey cut up. He did well, or Milos did well. Either way I
came home and put the pieces in about 25 1-gallon ziplock bags and
the boys carried them to a big freezer under cottage one.

We have not bought meat (except pork for New Years) since October! We
are. Still. Eating. The Turkey.

I am thawing 5 gallon ziplock bags in as I type. I will bake it up
this afternoon to put in our small freezer and to make soup with.
There are still another 6 or 7 bags of turkey in the freezer. The
only question now is, can you really make soup out of turkey lungs?
And do I really even want to find out....