life is really starting to get to me. i am falling apart. i thought things were looking up the other day, but it turns out i was jsut overlooking things.
Today's funk is brought to you by the letter F the number 4 out of 12 and my failture to properly load my camera (or a scary possibility: the refusal of my camera to take pictures) leadign to a blank roll of film turned in for my second Photojournalism project. I can reshoot, but i cant get the same subject matter(which makes me sad, i like the pictures i "took" and was excited to see them). besides, i have little to no time to do it. I have a cover letter due tomorrow, OMS retreat this weekend, a research paper due monday and an exam Tusday that i am not prepared at all for plus over 300 pages of reading over 100 of that for the test tuesday.
so why am i blogging you may ask. I'll tell you it's because i feel like crying and i do not like Ernst Kerchner. and if i have to look at any more of his art or biographys for this paper i am going to meet the same end he did!!!!!!! i jsut need a break, i cant afford one and i wil ahve to take homework this weekend but such is life...
i'm holding on to the fact that this is my last semester. of course, then i have to find an apartment and a job but i am choosing not to deal with that right now.
I quit.