Professor Jack Rains

i know you prolly would rather see pictures of Greece and hear stores aobut how i caught taxi's after midnight but today i ran sound for a memorial service for Jack Rains. Now, i disnt know jack rains, but after sitting in his memorial service and hearing everyone talk aobut how great he was i wish i had been able to know him. He must have been an amazing man from waht i could tell full of all sorts of endearing excentricities and passion for living and Jesus. from what they said he loved people and made a difference in the lives of so many of them he was a talented musician and the music programs at two differnt colleges wouldnt be the same without him. and people traveled from California to come to his memorial service. and it made me get all reflective and stuff, i hope that people will be able to say things like that about me after i am dead. would anyone say that i made a difference in their life? could i ever even dare to hope that someone would remember my weirdnesses fondly as eccentricities? would people say that they saw Jesus in me every day? I say when people ask me what the big picture goal of my life is that i want to be used by Jesus to make a difference in the world. but really what do i do on a daily basis to work toward that goal? Pretty much i need to get my Butt in gear, cause you never know how much time there really is left here and what if i miss my chance and what if i'm so busy preparing for the future that i miss the present. i want to leave a legacy like Jack Rains minus al lthe jokes about loud sports coats and narcolepsy :)