some people

so there are days where I jsut barely pull it together. I got to classes and work ontime and looked ok, but the reality is i rolled out of bed grabbed a shirt and jeans out of my closet and braided my hair instead of brushing it no time for breakfast or makeup. and the fact that the ribbon i ofund in the pocket of my pants matched my outfit was jsut a serendipity (well odds were good since a lot of blue finds it's way into my wardrobe) and i jsut barely got waht needed done. and i was teetering on the edge of an overwhelmed breakdown all day.
and then there are people who all match and everything. not a hair out of place and their hair ribbon matches their shoes that coordinate perfectly with their outfit that you know was laid out the night before and probably they're wearing matching underwear! and their makeup is all nice and fresh looking even though it's 3 int he afternoon adn even if I had put on makeup it woudl be a mess by that point int he day. and I jsut felt inferior even while I was explaining that the reason teh speakers dint work was beause the cable was plugged into the wrong place. in spite of the fact that i was the one who knew what was going on didnt do anyhtign to help me feel any more put together. sigh
I hate people liek taht
and i refuse to use the spell check button.