"home" again

so now i'm a different "home": Asbury. Yay for Asbury and my roomate (who doesnt know i am using her new laptop) and my suitemate(yay for only 3 people in a 5 person suite!!) and all the other great peopel i've gotten to see so far. i got some strange looks cause i'm moving in after the second full week of classes. oh well, i'm ok with it.
today was rough. ive never driven that far, my butt is so bruised from biking 20 miles yesterday (literally i have bruises!) oh and my spedometers broke so i had no clue how fast i was going, i decided to gage my speed off this one van, and i'm sure they thought i was crazy but they were going about the speed i was omfortable doing so i jsut kinda pretended that i was traveling with them. but i didnt almost die till i was on harrodsburg road. darn brake slammers and boy is that cat is lucky it's still alive!! so once i go there i found out that traveling south in the afternoon has the effect of sunburning my left arm funky. love it
life will get crazy here shortly. i'm gonna have to finish getting all settled in tonight and tomorrow, cause tuesday, i get thrown straight in. oh dear. that's all i have to say, oh dear. nothing is unpacked yet except my car. and i have to get a parkign permit and check in with the RD and...and..and...i'm a tad bit overwhelmed