camp allegheny hip hip hurrah

I have so much to write. to catch up any one who cares:) so i'm going back to the first thing y'all missed out on hearing about: camp allegheny.
I was the AV tech. i learned a lot about myself and God and media stuff. i learned most of it by beign thrown into it. "look, here's the video room and the sound closet here is a ring of keys good luck figuring out which is which" needless to say, camp was a bit frustrating at times, i got a lot of last minute requests and a lot of out of control moments. and i learned overall that God is in Control. God and I we fight over who' sgonna be in control. come to think of it, I do all the fighting. and God is just there, a constant on my life wating for me to ask His help with whatever it is that i'm struggling with trying to do on my own.
Camp was also very fun. I went down the water slide in my skirt after i spent an hour that morning trying to look good casue Brian was coming (why did i even try he's seen me in a band uniform there can be no impressing him. of course i jsut wanted to make him feel liek he was special. he is but not special enough to pass up the chance to go down the slip and slid ein my skirt.) and there was the Sleeping bag thing that ended with mrs. gully Ryan and I in the creek (again i was wearing a skirt and a shirt that unfortunately was better off dry) pushing a rowboat full of sleeping bags after a muddy adventure to get them from teh shed to where we parked the boat. and there was rolling down hills and greasy watermellon water polo and so much fun that i cante ven begin to describe it. there were costumes and carnivals and pirates and Lord of the Rings and worship that would blow your socks off. not jsut the music time but really living life as worship.
It was sooo cool. cmp is awesome. i love camp. I have the videos i made. if youre ever in Kresge third west feel welcome to come and watch as much as you want. Room 321

now i'm going to take a nap, i had a long first day of classes and i want some sleep before i tackle what all has to be done....hundreds of pages of reading