Athens 2004

Athens 2004
Athens 2004,
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Look! I finally figured out how to share my pictures with youall. To see it bigger, you can just click on it. This is the lobby of the IBC, where i was "grounded" the first part of the games :) There was a whole big issue with getting me accreditated. While i was in the IBC, i worked in the information office with print distribution. that menat that i put the result and start lists for all the events out in pidgeonholes/cubbies so that the broadcasters could pick them up. also i helped distribute the news bulletins and flashes to the studios of the 180 right-holding broadcasters. this involved stapling and Xeroxing and running about. also there were times of sitting and doing nothing and faxing and other odd sorts of stuff that i learned has to all happen behind the scenes for somethign as big as the Olympics to happen.
I admit i had some attitude issues when everythign didnt work out like i planned, but looking back, i have ahard time being negative because i realize (now that i'm outside the situation) how awesome it really was, i mean, I was in ATHENS for the OLYMPICS! and the way everything worked out i know that's where God wanted me. so how can i complain?