been awhile

i dont really have anyhting to say. there is nothing more annoying than blogs that have nothing to say.
i'm a tad overwhelmed with school and all. i have very little time and what time i have to actually do work, i seem to fritter away. i just feel liek i'm in a bit of a fog it's like reverse culture shock and heartbreak and a general funk all at the same time. point in case: the guys i ran sound with tonight must think i'm a total ditz without a sound clue! my head was all over the place. anywhere but hughes, but in spite of it all, i think it ended up sounding pretty darn good. and 3.5 hours of work is ussuallly a good deal. and BTW the sound closet no longer smells so much like boy cologne. it's quite sad. so that's that.
i'm going to bed. even though lately i've been having trouble falling asleep, it is kinda nice to lay in bed and totally quit for the day an hug my teddybear and snuggle under my blankets. it gets frustrating after awhile the whole laying staring at the cieling cause i normally fall asleep anywhere really quickly it's something i've been proud of for years. but oh well. i haave to start trying soon or it will be time to get up before i fall asleep(hyperbole - dont worry over me too much, it only usually takes an hour or two)