nice shoes...

While I was supposed to be packing to go to New York, I was a stressed mindless wreck of humanity. And that is being generous. I had a ton to get done before we left and not enough time or mental capacity to handle it all. I was reduced to communicating, if you can call it that, without any nouns at all. "Roommate, before we leave, we need to get the thing from where it fell behind the other thing so I can call the guy at the place in...in...the time zone!"
In light of this, it is not really that surprising that I forgot to pack my sneakers. I needed good walking shoes for Friday when we headed to Canada & Niagara Falls, so we went to Wal-Mart to buy some cheap sneakers. There was a scene, which I will not detail, involving me not knowing my shoe size. (a size 7, who knew?!) I eventually ended up with a really cute pair of shoes. I like them a lot.
The real meat of the story is that I got a compliment on my shoes yesterday. I should just tell you, I am bad at shoes. When it comes to shoes, I'm a total failure. (I love sandals. I'm good at sandals. In the summer, I am never at a loss for what to wear on my feet.) I say this to set up my story.
A guy I work with complimented my shoes!!! Being as bad as I am at shoes, I will always be flattered by a shoe compliment. Also, my favorite pick-up line begins (and, in polite company, ends) “Nice shoes…wanna…
So, when someone compliments my footwear, I always feel super extra good about myself, and just a bit hit on. Justin doesn’t have a clue, but he made my day yesterday. Yay for new shoes!