fun, brick walls, and set-ups for failture

i'm tired, but i had a great weekend. Friday night was roomies night out. I am a failture. I procrastinated too long and Katie ended up without a date. I am a bad person. She should hate me. I am very lucky that she doesn't! I couldnt go because i had OMS and I had to run the grille movie. the Grinch...the Jim Carrey one. I expected it to be the traditional one and since it's short I was thinking about going to meet up with everyone at Tolly-ho's and then Midnight Hockey. But once it turned out to be the Jim Carrey one I decided to just stay in and clean a bit (the carpet has gone AWOL again) and get to bed early. but then Kristens family was here this weekend. (well technically they are still in Kentucky, but I'm not gonna see them again before they leave.) I didnt know that Brian was going to show up at roomies night out, but he called me from Tolly-ho's and so I decided to go. I don't get to see Brian often enough. He's like a drug, and a highly addictive one at that. So I went and met them just as they were leaving tolly-ho's and went to the UK hockey game.
UK stinks at Hockey. two points in case. One time the guy had a clear shot on goal and pulled back swung and missed the puck totally! and then, this is my favorite, there was one point where the UK goalie fell and it ended up that two of his teammates fell and landed on top of him as Illinois scored.
Today I went to lunch at Bella with KT and the Neilsens :) sooo good and then I finished my portfolio with Stephens help. Tonight was Wilmore Old fashioned Christmas. It's a big thing in Wilmore, it's great, everyone in town comes out and Main street is blocked off and all the busineses have food and there's music and it's all small town and ideal. then we drove out to Southern Lights at the Horse Park that was nice, too. I love lights! I also love the Neilsens, I am not sure that Kristen's dad likes me. he is a hard person to read but i know her mom does and Brian told me so, he also complimented my shoes. these shoes are the best thing that has happened to me in awhile ;)
On the way back to Kresge/Aldersgate from the parking lot, KT and Brian started to wrestle over his pictures (if you read this Bri, they look very nice) and of course I couldnt just stand there and watch so I jumped in and it ended up in a bit of a silly mock football game Brian was the Eagles defense and KT was Buffalo's offense. So of course he got through her no problem ;) and headed for me, the quarterback. I ended up with my feet off the ground and then Brian lost his balance and we fell into the brick wall. I craked my elbow something fierce...everyone thought it was my head but it does hurt. It hurts less now though i really htought it might be messed up for a bit but actually now my knee hurts worse where i cracked it off his shin. life is good.
So i went up to eddyC's open apartment for a short while before the Grille movie which was to start at 1030. When i arrived in the Grille at 1025, i knew i was cutting it close but it doesnt take that long to turn on the projector and system so i was fine. except that all the publicity that went out said 10:00 ( ididnt look that close at it and all my papers from Sound Crew said 1030) So when i got here Bowsher was already starting to set it up and everyone was grumpy...GRR...so i looked bad. that makes me mad. i hate nothign worse than being set-up to fail.
but, all in all it has been a long blog entry and a good weeknd.