so Micah. i am deffinitely a fan.
of square dancing. i am also a fan.
and floors suspended on steel cables so they bounce and my feet dont hurt after dancing all night...again a fan.
that allamande left thing...way a fan (it didnt work out the first few times, but by the end i pretty much had it:)
and the spinning was a good thing too

So the whole story is i worked all day Sat...got to GCC late...cause i left here late....in a panic..with inordinately curly hair and a bit of lost film and there was a puppet stage in my basement out of PVC pipe...anyway....we made it there jsut as the first dance (i believe) was starting so we mised getting in a set for that one but i got to watch and then the second one we were with these kids who had about as much clue as i did. none. so it was a different sort of thing...i dont really know what was so hard about it though. the caller (he came from west virginia) explained everything at the start of each dance and walked everone through it...but whatever, the first dance we did, it got to be a bit of a mess...but fun still...then we danced with people who knew what they were doing so that was better...and apparently i am a fast square dance learner. i had a great time. danced all night...learned the Virginia Reel (it resembles the "noble duke of york" near as i can figure)..and ended the eveing mostly teaching Micah how to waltz...we need some work on that.

got home around 130ish...went to bed got up for Early church, went to 1st service& sunday school chased preschoolers during 2nd service (got some reeeally cute photos) had a church family potluck for lunch and the commitment service to end miisons conference then a end of conference meeting with the missions comittee that ended at 230. i was at work at 330 till 11PM and then came home went to bed around midnight and got back up to go to work today at 7AM (i woke up 10 minutes before i had to be at work)...it's been a long weekend...it's gonna be a long but good week...i am worn out. i am goign to bed.

about bed, i am such a big fan!

next installment, Slovakia update