a bit more adventure

Life got a bit more interesting.

My camera is Kaput. I would take a picture of the broken shutter. Except that it makes me want to cry when I look at it. also it is difficult to take a good photo of the inside of your good camera. I have not tried. i have a mental block.

there are some complications with our temp stay permit. There are a few options at this point. one involves going back to the states for, oh, about 3 months. Marian summed it up just about right " the process has taken forever." It is just the way bureaucracy works in Slovakia with papers" We're working on figuring that out.

Our flight we bought for the wedding is highly restricted i.e not transferable refundable or changeable.... so basicaly if we come home now for bureaucracy reasons, we are out $1600. which is a pretty good price for two round trip tickets. we thought we were doing so well and getting them in advance and for a good price.

I have a vicious combination of cold/allergy/flu symptoms. I am trying to avoid the urge to take asprin, benedryl and DayQuil all at the same time.

so anyway, pray for us. things will go ok. God is in control of this adventure.