I am mad at boys. I am mad at boys who treat girls like they're incompetent and unworthy of civility and patronize them just cause they're little and female. Last night i was setting up multimedia for a sound job. which i didnt actually do anyhting because the band actually had a really neat setup. "So, good" you say "you get to sit in the sound booth, do nohing, chat with matthew and get paid for it" yes that wasnt so bad. except that the guy who was running their multimedia stuff treated me liek an idiot. I know that this is not jsut in my head cause he talked to the guys there totaly differently. but ti makes me wonder do i carry myself insecurely, cause for the most part im very secure in who i am and confident in my abilities. but if im not projecting that then i guess i cant be mad at boys. but i hate to think that it's my fault that im gettign treated the way i cant stand to be. I cant stand to bepatronized and treated liek im incompetent and....and...GRRRR