words (lots of links in this post)

I think if i have a favorite website, it has to be dictionary.com I mean i waste a lot of time playing pass the pigs but for convenience, utility and entertainment value, dictionary.com has to be the best.
convenience and usefuleness i dont imagine you have much trouble believing, but entertaining? yes, entertaining! Sometimes i use it to look up a word or spelling for a paper or something, i imagine that's where normal dictionary usage ends, but i like to take it a step further, looking into obscure or outdated meanings, this adds a bit of zest to my life and that's where the entertaining comes in.
when i have the most fun is when i am talking to Brian, and one of us or the other doenst recognize a word the other one uses. this happens for a variety of reasons first being that we are both always crazy busy and so we mostly IM late at night so our brains have shut down already, another reason is that he is a scientist and i'm a communicator (not that scientists dont communicate but that's just not his field of interest) so we pull words from toatally different lexicons. (see there, that word came naturally to me, but most people will have to look it up, sorry i've provided a link to make it easier....) also another reason is that i'm a reader so i have a rediculously large vocabulary. becasue of this last reason, sometime brian will ask me the meaning of a word he has run across in his day and wether or not i know it i usually look it up to double check myslef, (i dont like misdefining a word, but i feel realllly bad doing that to someone else! and then he will sometimes look it up i dont know why he asks in the fisrt place sometimes, but i dont mind) at this point I will then make a joke aobut feeling used and the conversation continues, he'll look up a word and i'll look up a word, and much fun ensues.
lest you think that we are huge nerds (well we are, but not as much as this makes it look, actually hes a bigger nerd than me but I'm pretty sure that's tied to the scientist thing) a normal conversation continues while we are looking up other words, like i said earlier Dictionary.com makes my life zestier!!