you know what i love about this....the way when i go to the blogger homepage it says welcome back princess...i like to be called princess...makes me feel special....i am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life...like my rooamte...she makes me smile..yesterday we wore the same shirt...not on purpose, i got up and went to a video shoot and she slept in and we saw each other as i was leaving the cafe and she was going to lunch...and we matched...hadnt seen each other all morning..htat was fun....i love my roomate, she reads this, thats not why im writing this thouigh....she commetned on my typos last night. Is it really that bad? I meani could go back and fix them, but that takes away fromt he spontenaity of my writing.....lemm know what you think..no really i want to hear what you think aobut this topic, the link to my e-mail is off to the right...jstu click and tell me what you think