totally random stuff that i want to say

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!!! my minion turns 18 tomorrow...i'm so old
my perspectives exam got lost...this makes me sad...i have to get and take anew on ethis week...like i need to add stuff to this week....ees crazy....it looks calm in thoery but hten you count the actaul free time you have and its all an illusion:) i'll be ok.
turned in our Media Min project tonight....yay for htat being done...i'm pleased with it...mostly....but im VERY pelased that it's done!!!!!
Ichthus is this weekend:) im excited....i work video crew friday night till its over and then again saturday morning...and i wasnt going to go thursday, i can use the time to do somew ork, but swithcfoot and reliant K will be thursday night...sigh...so i HAVE to go....i am exicted aobut switchfoot, and i want to see reliant K to spite my sister...shges a HUGE fan...hehe i jsut like to say "hahaha i go tto see them and YoOoOU didnt!!!" im such a mean big sister....i love all my little siblings....beign the oldest is great in a number of ways....and so rotten in others....
i like stale peeps....you know the marshmallow chickies that you get in easter baskets. i like them stale the staler the better....i am currently munching on ones from easter 2003...sooooo good
my roomate is wonderful....she brings me "mostly still warm pizza"...shes cute and twitterpated and she yells "I jsut want to say 'KISS ME NOW!!'"....she tells me im funny and that makes me smiley....becasue i know she is the funny one
my butt has shrunk no one is happy aobut this....some say they'd like that problem or i ocould have some of theirs...my minion says "Stasi, this is not good, if your butt shrunk you would have nothing upon which to sit"....my boyfrind yells at me, "well, maybe if youd stop 'Forgetting' to eat..." (i realy just forget, its not on purpose!) i discovered this unfortunate fact by startign to wear my summer stuff agian(its been beautifull down here, except the rain today) and saying things like hmm this skirt was higher last summer...and gee these pants fit differently somehow....oh well.....i am either going to read for theology class, i'm behind a lot, and i need a good excuse to lay in the hammock....or maybe i'll jsut go to bed....one or the other....you e-mail me your guesses and i'll e-mail you back and tell you if youre right....the link to e-mail me is right over there ---->