the sound closet

The sound closet smells like boys. I am not imaginging this. I am also not saying that the boys on the sound crew smell bad. it's not like a boys locker room smell, it's more like when youre in an 800 class and a guy walks past jsut as you breathe in and your eyes open a bit wider and your heart beats a bit faster because he jsut showered, put on cologne and came to class...ooooh it's that sort of smell (sorry for my male readers who probly cant relate to my thing for cologne in the mornings :))
Thing is, i'm not sure WHY the sound closet smells like that. I mean there arent usually sound jobs in the mornings where they'd be in there right after they had showered. What, do they freshen up in there half way through the day? Like some sort of weird superman thing...."smelly boy ducks onto a closet halfway up te stairwell in Hughes and emerges suave, debonair, and smelling good!" Honestly, no one cares how the sound technician smells, so theres no need to freshen up before a sound job. I'm jsut confused!
I was thinking about this as i walked back from my sound job tonight and i decided i like the way the sound closet smells, it makes me happy. and i feel bad for the guys on the sound crew who probly dont get that kind of joy from the fact that the closet smells like boys. and there's only 2 girls on the crew so it seems unfair to the boys....I decided that one of these days, i'm gonna take some of my body spray up there and spritz it around. i wonder if anyone would say anything about the closet starting to smell like girls.....it's a thought that makes me smile more than the smell of the closet:)