nothing better to do

stuck at work for 80 more minutes...i swear!...i'm sound checking 3 tape orders, and archiving, and i still am doing nothing...the archiving is jsut switching tapes every 20-40 minutes...and sound checking means fastforwarding and listening to 3 seconds of the message at random points...well it's supposed to be the beginning middle and end of each side....but i dont care enough to make it an exact science...besides if it recorded at the beginning of the tape, why would it cut out at the end?...at any rate it leaves time to blog, read books on leadership (lifted from the mgr's office...i like to know what tactics authority figures are going to try and use) and check my e-mail repeatedly(i never get anything...especially since i broke up with Kehb...all i get is the word of the day e-mail and a daily devotional thought...oh and a reprimand from Stacy for coming in late)...
but really i dont mind my job too much...it's good experience and better than working at the gas station like in high school....i dunno if i could work in an office forever though...no room for my creativity...well there's some room...just not enough...and people drive me crazy....this guy called earlier and asked a question and if he'd jsut shut up and let me answer him the phone call would have been half as long...but instead he gave me all sorts of useless information...and later another guy called and asked who "the manager of Media Services is these days"...i told him it was Stacy and he said thanks and hung up....and a woman called and asked if Stacy was in and i told her she was in a meeting the afternoon...and she saidthanks and hung up before i could even say "your'e welcome"....I am not made to be a receptionist!!....so now i have ruled out receptionist and teacher...and Thor told me bricklayer was a bad idea jsut because of my size...i never really wanted to lay brick enough to put in the effort to build up my strength enoguh to actually do it....5'4" 105lbs...just barely not underweight...but today for lunch i had chicken nuggets and an eggo waffle...we're cleaning out the freezer since everyone's moving out...the other girls who left already left a lot of food....and yet somehow I lost weight this summer, dont tell my mom...she worries...I've not always been stable and have some control issues...she knows that and i know that....but i leave the worrying to her :)