God so has a sense of humor...i went out to see Chicago at the dollar theater with anna...i had heard it was good, but not a movie to go to with a boyfriend...i heard right...but being single has advantages, i decided at 630 to go to a 710 movie, didn't have to call anyone to tell where i'd be or ask if it was ok if we didnt' walk tonight...freedom that makes me feel like almost crying a bit...(still in the crying myself to sleep stage)...anyway we missed the first sex/murder scene...and didnt' mind too much at all!..then to cheddars for a cookie monster because anna's husband's more of a rootbeet float then warm chocolate chip cookie with chocolate sauce nuts and whipped cream...fine with me...they're too big to eat aloneand i got no one to split it with...i'm going to read this later and be amazed at all the refernces to me being single! oh well it's what's on my mind...anyway...on the way home we were behind a truck that looked like anna's husbands and so we were trying to figure out if it was (it wasn't) and making up rediculous stories about what he had done on our girls night on the town... so we called his cell phone to see if it relally was him he didnt answer os i left a silly message...after anna dropped me off i went up to my apartment and started to get ready fo rbed and anna called..i figured to tell me what ben had said about the message i left but no instead she said guess who's in my living room?..Kehb...talking to ben....i had prayed earlier this summer that the two of them would get to be friends...ben's not from around here and Kehb needed more peple in his life besides me and his roomate who is engaged so doesnt have lots of time always....i give up...but at least ben will talk to anna and anna will talk to me and i'll have some clue where he's at...even though i know he wants to date me again...start over...clean slate ...second chance...if he tries to feed me one more euphamism i'm going to scrrreeeam!!!!...ok i gotta be at work on time tomorrow....always bad to be late 2 days in a row....gona finish gettign ready for bed...g'night!