moving-a saga

well till i finally got my new room key last night, it was 800...i was a bit frustrated, but when all your bedding and clothes are packed, it's not like you can give in and say, "OK i wont move till the 17th"...at 800 i had already called anna and ben and told them not to bother, so i had to call matt the ARD and ask him to help me carry some of the bigger stuff...i'm not really a wuss, but when things are bigger, or heavier than i am..i know i need to ask for help.

the AC in my apartment has started blowing hot air, my duffle bag is still nowhere to be seen, and my card has stopped working i cant get into my apartment or my dorm or work. So the dean of students let me borrow his. I think he feels bad that i have gotten the run-around with housing this summer...for awhile i wasnt on the "list" so they wouldnt let me into my apartment